Women's Wide Fit Shoes


Do you love to dance but find it difficult to find shoes to fit as your feet are a little wider than standard width? Have you noticed that wide fit dance shoes don’t have the same styling and attention to details as those with a standard fit? Do you wish that you had the same sort of choice of dance shoes as your narrower footed dance sisters? Well, worry no more as Burju Shoes has an amazing selection of wide fit shoes for dance that will fit even the widest dancing feet. 

And how do we manage to have such an extensive selection of wide fit dance shoes for women? It’s all down to smart design. We design our dance shoes with features such as elasticated straps, lace up fastenings and adjustable straps so that they can be fitted snugly to your foot without restricting your movement. And if you can’t find a pair of shoes you love in the style that you desire, you always have the option of having a pair of custom-made shoes that will fit you perfectly. + Expand


Custom-made Dance Shoes for Wider Feet 

While we do supply beautiful wide fitting shoes that are suitable for all kinds of dance styles, it may be that you want something a little different from the norm. That’s why we offer a custom made-to-order service where you can personalise your dance footwear to meet your needs. Our customised wide-fit shoes allow you to choose the heel height, specify the type of sole you require and choose the colourway that suits you best.

However, whether you decide to purchase one of our ready-to-wear shoes from stock or opt for a custom-made pair, you’ll find that all our footwear has designed to facilitate your dancing. So styling details such as supported arches, ultra-comfort insoles and fast release buckles or adjustable laces come as standard on Burju Shoes. And although all our shoes are stylish and sexy, we never compromise on comfort or functionality. After all, if you’re finding it hard to dance in your new dancing shoes, they’re not fit for purpose.


Buying Wide Fitting Dance Shoes

Just like standard fit dance shoes, there are a few rules you need to follow when buying wide fitting dancing shoes. So let’s take a look at some of the recommendations.

  • Check the Fit: Dance shoes need to be snug but not tight. This may mean going up a half or full size from your regular shoe size or opting for one of our shoes with laces that can be adjusted to fit any foot width.
  • Open Toes or Closed: Open-toed shoes are the choice of Latin dancers as the open toes help to show off the way you point and articulate your feet. They may also offer more room for wider feet and won’t constrict toes.
  • Heel Height: This is down to the style of dance, your personal preference and how new you are to dancing. If you’re a novice dancer, you may feel more comfortable with a lower heel until you get the steps under your belt.
  • Sole Type: At Burju Shoes we offer footwear for women with both suede and hard rubber soles. The suede soles are perfect for in the dance studio but shouldn’t be worn outdoors. So, if you want a pair that you can wear anywhere, you may want to opt for our street wear shoes.


Buy Wide Fit Dancing Shoes Online

Burju Shoes have a reputation for supplying high-quality wide fit dancing shoes online and offer worldwide delivery. We offer the shoes your feet have been waiting for, so what are you waiting for? Place your order today!

We have an excellent collection of Women & Men's dance shoes. Visit our online catalogue for more.

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