Stretch Ankle Boots

Comfortable Stretch Ankle Boots

Most women will be well aware of the struggle to find a pair of comfortable heeled ankle boots. It can almost seem like an impossible task after spending thousands of dollars on many different pairs of shoes and getting the same uncomfortable results! However, fear not, as Burju is the online shoe store in the United States which not only designs amazing shoes for you to dance the night away in, but they are also designed to put your comfort first. There are lots of other tips and tricks that you can use to help make your stretch ankle boots and heels more comfortable to wear and we are taking you through some of our favorites below.

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How To Make Your Ankle Boots More Comfortable

Heels are beautiful to look at, but we all know that they can be extremely uncomfortable to wear if you do not choose a pair from Burju. Try out some of these tips and tricks to get wear out of those gorgeous heels gathering dust in your wardrobe.

It’s A Science

It really is true what they say about walking in heels being a science. When walking in heels, you need to be aware of your entire body and ensure you are engaging your abs as you walk to keep you upright. You should also be walking from heel to toe as this will make your dance boots more comfortable to walk in.

Do A Test Run

If you have a big night out coming up soon, try to break in your heels a little bit first rather than just wearing your heels first on the night. Pull on a pair of thick socks and spend a few hours wearing them around the house. This will help to stretch out areas of your heels that can otherwise pinch your feet.

Wear A Smaller Heel

We know that many women will not want to hear this, but one of the best ways to make walking in heels more comfortable is to purchase those that are a little bit smaller in height. Not only will you be making your feet comfier on a night out, you also won’t be wasting your money on shoes you know you are never going to be able to walk in.

Be Prepared

Lastly, no matter how hard you try, there will be some shoes that look amazing but will always wreak havoc with your feet. For this reason, when you are out in your heels always make sure that you are prepared with plasters and an anti-blister stick. Pop this in your handbag and your feet will thank you for it later!

Shop At Burju Today

Burju is the one-stop online shoe shop for anyone looking for amazing women's dance shoes that are perfect for both hitting the dance floor and walking the streets. Our stretch fabric ankle boots are incredibly popular for this reason and you will want to try them out before they’re gone. Order them today or speak to our team for more information about these incredible shoes.

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