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Burju Brand Ambassador Program


Who Said Your Love for Burju Shoes Had To Be Expensive? How about we help fund it for you?

Love your Burju Shoes? Got your friends asking you where you get your sexy stylish but uber-comfortable stilettos? Can’t help talking about the latest pair you snagged from us?


Now here’s how you can turn your love of Burju shoes into a fun source of income...

Join our ambassador program and simply share your exclusive affiliate link and coupon code each time you share a photo or post featuring your Burju shoes. Whenever someone clicks through that link and buys, they get 10% off and you get a 10% commission!


Yes, we’re paying you to share and spread the love!

We figured you’re already sending us so much love on Instagram and Tik Tok, why not pay you for it! Win-win!


Requirements to be approved:

You must have a public profile on Instagram and/or TikTok with quality content that gets good engagement. We are looking to see that you have followers that match our audience type, HEELS LOVERS! We do not require you to have a minimum number of followers,   Quality over quantity baby!


If you are a fit, then....

1. Click "Apply Here" Below and sign up with your details - You will need at least one social media account and an active paypal email. If your social media accounts are public and you take great photos/videos and have good engagement with your following that matches our ideal audience (Quality over Quantity), you will be accepted.

 2. Once approved - You will receive a welcome letter with a 40% off discount   code to use on your next purchase of shoes. If you already have a pair you can   start promotions right away. We do not require a purchase but we do   recommend you have a pair for photos and videos.

  3. Get the goods, then grab a phone or a camera - Take well lit clear photos      and videos of you in the product to post on social media. Quality is the goal.          See tips (click on the "Instructions" tab in your affiliate dashboard) for taking          great photos and how to post for maximum engagement.

4. Post and get paid when your followers buy from us - We use a platform called LeadDyno that will track your sales in real time. You will be paid your commissions through Paypal.


So register today and you will receive an approval email within 72 business hours.  Once approved, you can start sharing.  Any questions, please email


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