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Undeniably, the natural skill and finesse mastered by a professional dancer can never be doubted, however an accomplished dancer would never be able to reach the heights they can unless they had the proper tools; i.e. premium quality shoes.  + Expand

When it comes to professional dancing, ensuring you have professionally made shoes can make the difference between success and failure. A superior quality product that has been designed for dancing can help increase flexibility and movement on the dance floor, therefore creating a more elegant and pristine performance.

Burju Perez – the founder of Burju – was an accomplished dancer and understands the need to design shoes that are versatile, fashionable, comfortable and unique. With this goal in mind, she set out to create distinctive and functional professional shoes that were awe-inspiring and suitable for a large range of dancing styles. 

At Burju Shoes our dance boots and boots have been specifically designed to provide support and comfort both on and off the dance floor. Our intricately crafted dance shoes have a suede sole which allows the wearer to glide across the stage while providing the right amount of grip to prevent awkward stops, trips or falls.

Many of our dancing shoes also have extra cushioning under the ball of the foot to provide comfort even after hours of activity.

Our Dance boots 

boots are notorious for causing pain and embarrassing trips. With Burju Shoes those days are over. Our professional dance boots have been created to be stylish, comfortable, functional and inexpensive, meaning you can stun your audience with more than just your dance moves.

We have hundreds of pairs of boots that have differing patterns, materials and designs, so you can always find a pair of professional shoes to match your occasion and outfit.

If you’re searching for the right pair of professional shoes and can’t find something that matches what you’re looking for or – worst of all – if you find a pair you like but they’re aren’t the right color or size, then shopping for shoes can be extremely frustrating.

Fortunately, at Burju Shoes we have an option that allows you to build your own dancing boots with customizable elements such as: 

  • The Width and Height of the Heel
  • Choosing Between Two Various Soles
  • The Material and color 

Our unique designs and distinctive detailing creates a one-of-a-kind shoe that you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Dance Boots

Comfortable and stylish professional dance boots are much harder to find than boots as they tend to be heavy and allow too much movement when the foot is in the shoe, making it much harder to pull-off effortless dance moves.

Luckily, at Burju we understand that a stylish pair of boots made for a dancer is a must have, which is why we have worked tirelessly to create an elegant and secure range of dancing boots.

At Burju we wanted to create a range of dancing boots that could easily be worn out on the street as well as the dance floor. With that goal in mind we set out to design a range of fabulous boots that can be worn throughout your everyday life without anybody realizing they’re dancing shoes. 

Our range of professional boots includes: 

  • Midnight Stiletto (3” & 4”)
  • Karla Heel (3.5” &4”)
  • Oynx Slim Heel (2.5”)
  • Relle Flared Heel (3”)
  • Relle Stiletto (3.5” & 4”)
  • Strazzy Flared Heel (3”)
  • Xeena Over-the-knee (flat & 3.5”)
  • Xeena below the knee (flat & 3.5”)

We have an extensive range of ladies dance shoes including latin & ballroom dance shoes

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