Platform Heels

It can seem virtually impossible to find a pair of platform dance shoes that are as comfortable as they are stylish and your discomfort can completely change how you dance. At Burju Shoes we have spent a long time designing dancing shoes that fit a large variety of styles of dancing whilst still being comfortable to wear. You’ll have the choice of multiple styles and colors to choose from, therefore giving you greater flexibility with your dancing wardrobe. + Read more

Platform Dance Shoes & Heels

The two different soles we have on our shoes mean you can take them dancing or out onto the street too. The multi-purpose use of both soles gives you greater versatility with your wardrobe and means you can confidently step out onto the dance floor or street without worrying about discomfort. 

Buy Platform Dance Shoes Online

At Burju Shoes we’re committed to providing a service you won’t experience anywhere else; our dedication to customer care and customer satisfaction makes us one of the best retailers to purchase dancing shoes from.

Our customers receive many advantages when shopping with us, such as:

  • Secure Payments. Anytime you buy a pair of platform dance shoes us we’ll ensure your card details are kept safe and cannot be stolen from any malicious software.
  • Protection of Your Information. We will never pass on your details or information to other companies or third parties.
  • 30-Day Free Return. If you’re living in the USA and need to return an item, then you can benefit from our free 30-day returns policy.

Our Selection of Platform Dance Heels

We’re always trying to find secure, flexible and fashionable solutions for dancing shoes and try to provide a range of products that can suit a variety of individual needs.

Our selection of platform dance heels has a few designs with an array of color variations, so that anybody looking for a platform dancing shoe on our site has a range of options to choose from.

Our collection of platform shoes includes:

  • Franjaska Orange (3.5”)
  • Franjaska Mint (4”)
  • Franjaska Light Tan (5”)
  • Maria Crystal Platform (4”)

Where Can You Wear Platform Dance Shoes?

Our platform shoes can be used for a variety of dancing occasions such as social events, competitions, stage performances, classes and workshops. The comfort and support provided by our platform shoes will ensure that you’re dancing all night in style.

Feel free to explore our platform shoe range as well as our ladies shoes range and see what options suit your style and requirements the best. Or, if you would like more information on our products and services you can browse our FAQ’s or contact us via e-mail for a quick response. We also have an excellent range of Men's dance shoes as well.

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