Custom Made Tango Shoes

As a tango dancer, you’ll understand the importance of wearing the right shoes. You need a smooth sole for the perfect glide, a mid-height heel to help your posture but ensure that you have the right amount of balance and the shoes need to be made from a material that not only looks good but that will support and mold to your feet. + Read more

Custom Tango Shoes

However, while we already offer a whole range of high-quality tango shoes for sale here at Burju, we also know that some of you will want to tweak our existing styles. Maybe you need a slightly higher or lower heel; perhaps you need to add a street sole just because you want to wear them outside or perhaps the color just isn’t quite right. Whatever you need, we’ll try to make it possible with our custom tango shoes by creating a pair of shoes that will fit you like a dream and look beautiful too.

What Areas Can You Customize on Tango Shoes

While we offer an enormous selection of dance shoes online, we know that on occasions, none of those shoes will be quite right. It’s no good finding the perfect shoe in terms of style and then discover that you need a slightly wider fit or to find a shoe that fits like a glove, but it’s not quite the right shade to match the outfits you’ve chosen for your tango dance extravaganza.

At Burju, we have the solution to all your woes. With our custom made tango shoes, you can alter the heel height, the shoe width, the color and even add to and embellish your shoes to make them truly unique. We’ll do our best to make the changes you need without ever compromising on the fit, the quality, the functionality and the support offered by our award-winning shoes.

We Are Specialists In Creating Custom Tango Shoes

Once upon a time, it was only possible to buy customized tango shoes by visiting a dance shoe specialist. Now, while we’d love to see you in our Massachusetts storeroom and treat you to our own brand of Burju customer service, we understand that it’s not possible for all our customers to make the journey. And that’s why we offer you the opportunity to buy our professional tango shoes, including our custom-fit shoes, online. Simply follow our instructions for finding the best fit for you, make your changes and we’ll ship your finished shoes directly to your door, wherever you happen to be in the world.

We Can Ship Your Custom Tango Shoes No Matter Where You Are

Yes, that’s right. While we do ship most of our women's tango shoes within the US - and just in case you were wondering, shipping is free within the US on orders above $100; we also ship all our shoes worldwide and offer free shipping on international orders over $200. So, it is possible to bag yourself a pair of custom tango shoes that have been designed and manufactured by industry specialists and be the envy of all your dancing friends, whether you live in Australia, France or even Japan.

We offer secure payment processing and 30-day hassle free returns within the US – so what are you waiting for? If you’ve been searching for the perfect pair of tango dance shoes without success, stop searching and let Burju create the pair of your dreams just for you.

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