Tango Shoes

The tango has a reputation for being a passionate and sensual dance, so it’s no surprise that our tango shoes for women are some of the sexiest dance footwear we sell here at Burju Shoes. We offer an exceptional selection of tango shoes which will give you the support you need without compromising on looks or style. Designed with straps, elastic and laces to keep your foot secure, and zips and quick release buckles for ease of access, our dancing pumps offer supreme comfort that will keep you on your feet for hours as you practice your kicks, caresses and pasadas. + Read more

Women's Tango Dance Shoes

One reason why Burju shoes are popular with professional and social dancers is down to our attention to detail when it comes to design, functionality and style. All our womens tango shoes are designed to give optimum support over the arch, maximum comfort under the ball of the foot and sufficient strapping to keep your feet in place, no matter how many hours you may be dancing. They’re lightweight and flexible to allow freedom of movement as you dance, while offering a high level of comfort underfoot. Oh, and did we say that they’re stunning to look at too?

Our Tango shoes for women are versatile pieces

Choose from ready-to-wear tango dance shoes in women’s sizes in a choice of vegan or natural leather materials with either hard rubber or suede soles and stiletto heels for that extra touch of elegance and class which is perfect for a professional tango shoe. In fact, our shoes are so stylish and well made that many of our customers choose to buy them purely for occasion wear.

Things to think about when purchasing your pair of womens Tango shoes

Whether you purchase our shoes for leisure or for social or professional dancing there are a few things you should keep in mind when you buy new women's tango shoes.

  • Fit: Make sure that they fit snugly. This may mean opting for a half or full size smaller than your usual size.
  • Open Toes: Having open toed shoes will enable you to demonstrate your footwork and how you point and articulate your toes.
  • Heel Height: Choose a comfortable heel height. The heels of our tango shoes are generally 3.5 inches or 4- inch stilettos although you can choose any heel height and style if you choose to buy our custom-made shoes for tango dance.
  • Suede Soles: Specially designed for dancing footwear, a suede sole gives you the optimum combination of glide and traction to ensure maximum control as you move around the floor.

View our range of women's Tango dance shoes online

Buying shoes online can sometimes prove challenging, especially when it comes to choosing a shoe that fits correctly. At Burju Shoes we recommend that you choose a half size smaller if you have narrow feet and a half size larger if your feet are wider than average. Dance shoes are meant to fit snugly. If your shoe moves around while you’re dancing, it will interfere with the correct execution of the steps.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite shoes, place your order online and we’ll ship them to you wherever you are in the world. Orders within the US take between 3 and 5 days, while international orders will take longer. Custom made heels can take anywhere between 3 and 4 weeks, so be sure to order them well in advance if you require them for a special occasion.

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