About Us

More than just a Heels Brand

Wanting all humans to be empowered to walk in their authenticity is at the core of what we do. It started with a simple question: Why dance shoes are so boring and why gorgeous fashion shoes shoes kill your feet? With a background as a professional Latin Dancer, Burju Perez, wished she could wear stylish shoes while dancing and performing without the risk of injury. Being able to express ourselves should not come at the expense of comfort. We all want to look our best whether we are going to dance class or a business meeting.

We sell dance shoes with a flair for fashion so dancers can look as amazing as they move. With our street or suede sole options you can pick the perfect option for any dance style from Ballroom to Heels. Our street shoes also make it possible for you to use them everyday in any way.

About Burju Perez

Born in Istanbul and raised in New York City from the age of two, Burju Perez has always believed movement and art are forms of expression, therapy and activism. For 15 years her and her husband had a successful career as professional Latin Dancers, taking them to more than 75 different cities all over the world to teach and perform. During this time she also helped develop the “Learn Through Dance” program that brought Latin Dance to inner-city elementary schools in Jamaica Plain. She created Burju Shoes in 2009, a venture that strives to bring to the everyday human a unique collection of stylish, yet highly-functional and comfortable designer shoes.  Made to be worn on and off the dance floor, Burju Shoes are distinguished by high-end construction, tailored patterns and high-quality materials. Her shoes have been worn by dancers from all walks of life, to celebrities including Jlo, Meg Thee Stallion, Xtina, Normani and many others. She continues to build her brand worldwide on the fundamental values of inclusivity and celebration of all body shapes, skin tones, genders, movement styles and forms of expression. She hopes her brand will not only contribute to making movement more comfortable for humans but also in creating a movement where brands more actively participate in social justice, sustainability and kindness.

(Pictured on the right hugging one of her besties, Tamara)

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Message from Burju Perez