Tango Dance Shoes

Of all the ballroom dances, tango has a reputation for being sexy, sensual and passionate. From humble beginnings in the working-class dance halls of Buenos Aires, this highly stylised form of dance has reached new levels of popularity partly through to the exposure given to it in films such as Shall We Dance, Scent of a Woman and True Lies. However, to dance the tango well, you not only need to be able to execute the steps correctly, interpret both the music and your partner’s moves and engage the audience, but you need a good pair of tango shoes on your feet too. At Burju Shoes we offer a small but perfectly curated selection of high-quality, well-designed tango dance shoes which will keep your feet moving smoothly when you’re tangoing around the floor. + Read more

Tango Dance Shoes

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the world of tango dance or you’re a seasoned tango performer, you’ll find Burju's tango shoes are in a league of their own. Our footwear has been designed to not only look as sleek and sophisticated as possible, but to give you the performance you need from dance footwear. This means that all our women's tango dance shoes are the perfect combination of elegance and functionality, with essential features such as suede outer soles, adjustable laces and ultra-comfort inner soles and are available in quality materials such as high gloss patent leather, natural nubucks and leathers or vegan suede and leather uppers.

And just in case you wanted to wear your tango shoes outside of the dance studio, we also offer shoes with hard rubber street soles.

Our Tango shoes are versatile

All Burju footwear has been designed to be worn on the dancefloor but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take your new shoes for a spin outside the dance studio. In fact, our tango shoes are so smart and elegant we’re sure that they’ll become an integral part of your dress wardrobe and the shoes you reach for when a special occasion is looming. They’re perfect for events such as weddings, formal dinners and any situation where smart dress is required, especially if there’s a chance that you’re going to end up on the dance floor after the formalities are over. 

Looking for a specific Tango dance shoe?

But if it’s high-quality professional tango shoes that you want, we have what you need. We have a reputation for supplying shoes that you’ll love to put on every time you dance the tango. Our tango heels are crafted with care and attention to detail to ensure comfort, flexibility, support and stability. They’re simply the best lightweight dance shoes on the market. If you're after a specific type or style of tango shoes we can also create custom tango shoes to your requirements. Pick your style, colour, heel height and more and have a shoe you'll love for years on end.

Browse our range of Tango shoes online

As one of the leading suppliers of dance shoes online, we’ve made it convenient to buy high quality tango dance footwear wherever you may be in the world. Whether you love to dance the tango in Tallahassee, Tokyo or Tasmania you can buy tango dance shoes online and receive your order within 5 days if you’re in the States or within 10 days if it’s an international order. 

There’s a reason social and professional dancers order footwear from Burju time and time again, so why not place your order now and experience the thrill of slipping on a new pair of high-quality tango shoes for yourself?

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