Black Mesh Booties

Do you need a pair of beautiful black dance boots to complete your dancing costume? We highly recommend our mesh booties available at Burju Shoes

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Black Mesh Booties

We sell a wide range of fine quality dance shoes and our black mesh booties are not to be missed if you want a fantastic look for your music video, stage performance or for competition dancing. These boots are made of the best materials such as vegan soles, lycra, velvet, and mesh. The soles of these shoes are reinforced for enhanced strength so you can move without the risk of snapping your shoes in half as you dance and move.

Why choose black mesh booties for dancing

Our mesh booties are available in black designs, and styles so you can find the perfect look to complete your dancing outfit, dance style or performance perfectly. 

Care tips to keep your black mesh booties in great condition

Dance boots need to be broken in before you can step up to the stage. If you don’t break these shoes in properly, they can damage your feet terribly, and dancing will be quite painful. The break-in process and lots of dancing will eventually put some wear and tear on your beautiful shoes. If you want your black mesh booties to stay in great condition as you break them in, practice and perform then you can certainly adhere to these terrific care tips;

Get heel protectors - The heels of dance ankle boots are usually the first part of the shoe to get damaged. Heel protectors for your boots can expand the life of these fine tips while you are practicing so your shoes will be perfect when it is time to shine.

Alternate your shoes - Our dance shoes are perfect for special occasions but don’t wear these shoes all the time because lots of use will wear down your shoes much quicker than you might like.

Wipe with a damp cloth - You can remove dust, dirt, and grime from your beautiful shoes by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Don’t use too much water or any chemicals on these shoes as harsh elements could cause stains.

Store properly - The best way to store shoes so they won’t get damaged and dirty is in a shoe box. Booties should be stored with adequate stuffing inside the foot and leg area to prevent bends and folds in your shoes. 

Dry clean when dirty - If your ladies dance shoes are particularly dirty you shouldn’t wash them yourself. The best way to clean dance shoes is by handing them in at the dry cleaners in order to remove dirt and stains. 

Create your own unique black mesh booties online

You can buy our beautiful black mesh booties directly from our website. Burju Shoes delivers across the US, and also ships dance shoes internationally. We offer free shipping on large orders that exceed a specific amount. 

You can get our beautiful mesh boots customized to fit your feet perfectly. Our boots can be customized in the following ways;

Colors - Some of our mesh boots are available in various colors

Heel height and style - You can choose from various heel heights and styles

Sole type - Choose a sole that suits your dance method best whether it is all surface dancing or strictly dance floor surfaces. 

Size - Naturally our shoes are also available in a wide range of sizes including half sizes for wider feet. 

Order your mesh booties from Burju Shoes and get the best custom fit booties delivered to your doorstep.

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