Swing Dance Shoes

Women's Swing Dance Shoes 

If you dance swing, you’ll know just how energetic this dance can be. It’s packed with lifts, flips and swivels, not to mention the constant swinging movements that characterise this popular form of dancing. It’s high-energy, fast-moving and such a lot of fun to both perform and watch and shows no sign in waning in popularity. However, to dance swing correctly, you need a professional pair of swing dance shoes and that’s where Burju Shoes can help as we provide high-quality dance shoes that are made for swinging. Whether you’re looking for high-heeled shoes or you prefer the comfort and flexibility of flats, we’ll have the perfect pair of swing shoes for you in our online store. + Expand

Whether you’re new to the dance floor or you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll find that Burju shoes offer the perfect combination of style and form. We aim to give you shoes that not only look good, but that will help you to perform all your flicks and kicks, twists and turns, swivels and slides to perfection and that will give you the stability and slide you need. All our designs offer exceptional support and comfort and are the ideal shoes for both novice and experienced dancers.


Flat and Heeled Dance Shoes for Swing

Take a look at our selection of shoes, and you’ll see that we offer both flat and heeled swing dance shoes in women’s sizes. 

Choose from custom made heeled shoes manufactured with vegan materials and an ultra-comfort inner sole. They’re available with a choice of vegan street soles or dance floor suede soles and have adjustable laces to ensure a perfect fit. 

Our flat shoes are ideal for both dancing and everyday wear. Featuring hard street soles, a choice of suede or man-made uppers and flirty but practical tie up styles, they have our trademark ultra-comfort innersole to ensure hours and hours of pain-free dancing.

Or how about our trendy gladiator shoes with eye-catching metallic and snakeskin uppers? With a street sole and quick release buckles, these beauties will take you straight from the street to the dance floor in style. 

And, as you would expect from one of the leading suppliers of high-quality dancing shoes, our swing shoes are made to the highest possible standards whether you choose ready-to-wear shoes or have them custom made. No wonder, we’re the supplier of choice for dance professionals worldwide.


We Deliver Directly to Your Door

Buying shoes from Burju couldn’t be more convenient, no matter where you are in the world. We deliver within the US within 3 to 5 working days, while international orders do take a little longer. If you’ve decided to buy a pair of custom-fit shoes, such as our high heel swing shoes, you’ll have to be a little more patient as it can take between 3 and weeks to make them to your specifications. But once your order is fulfilled, we’ll deliver your personalised shoes directly to your door. 

Our professional shoes will give you the balance, support and traction you need to perform the bouncing movements of swing dancing and will ensure hours of comfort whether you’re practicing your technique or you’re performing on the stage. So why not place an order with us today? Our shoes may not improve your technique, but they’ll certainly give you the stability and slide you need to execute your favourite moves with style and panache.

We have an excellent collection of Women & Men's dance shoes. Visit our online catalogue for more.

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