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Strappy Lace Up Heels

Welcome to BurjuShoes.com, where we go to great lengths to make the most eye-catching designer dance shoes that will not only dazzle but allow your feet maximum comfort while doing so. Our love of all things dancing inspires us to continually try to find new innovations that will enable us to make our shoes more and more comfortable. With a huge range to choose from including strappy lace up heels or shoes perfect for ballroom dancing, pole dancing, bachata, kizomba and any other dance style you can think of, rest assured that you have come to the right place.+ Expand

Whether you realize it or not, you may already be very familiar with or have admired a pair of Burju Shoes in the recent past. Those who enjoy the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ will undoubtedly be familiar with our products, given that they were chosen by many of the celebrities who participated over the past number of seasons. 

What makes us the go-to choice for those who want to dance the night away is our ability to not only deliver incredible comfort, style, and functionality but allowing our customers to customize shoes to their specifications has made the creative process even more enjoyable for those who take dancing seriously. We want you to define your style and so offer choice in terms of the heel, sole fabric and the color and material used in the product.


Customer First Policy

At Burju Shoes, our commitment to the customer is absolute. We have put in place a number of procedures and practices that were created in order to ensure that we consider your needs first and foremost at all times. What’s more, we continually strive to improve our customer experience, and part of this is to give our shoppers maximum confidence when they buy online.

As such, you will find that we have secure payment processing in place, which means that your data and card information will be securely captured at the point of purchase and never shared with or passed onto third parties, or outside agencies. In addition, we also offer a 30-Day free returns policy for those who live in the United States. For example, if you purchased white lace up heels but decided you didn’t want them, or they weren’t right for you, it is as simple as you sending the product back to us within 30-days for free with no questions asked.

Finally, we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and will not rest until we have achieved it. We have a wonderful team who is passionate about dancing and full of knowledge so that if you need our advice, or have a question, you can be certain that we will do our utmost to help.


High-Quality Solutions

So, we encourage you to browse the site or get in touch with us at BurjuShoes.com. We love to engage with our customers because they have the same infectious enthusiasm for dance as we do, so feel free to get in touch whenever you like and let’s see if we can’t find you the perfect pair of dance shoes. 

Regardless of whether it’s a strappy pair of red lace up heels or just a pair of designer tights, here at BurjuShoes.com, we have high-quality solutions to meet your every need.

We look forward to working with you on your order and delivering something special that you will enjoy for years to come.

We have an excellent collection of Women & Men's dance shoes. Visit our online catalogue for more.

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