Many dancers prefer to wear suede sole dance shoes as they offer the perfect amount of slip vs grip when you’re on the dance floor. They’re great for all styles of dancing from traditional ballroom dances to Latin. Most professional ballroom dancers choose to wear suede sole shoes, and they’re also becoming the preferred choice for an increasing number of Salsa and Swing dancers too. + Read more

Suede Sole Dance Shoes

At Burju Shoes, we offer almost all our dance shoes with the option of a suede sole. So whether you’re looking for dance boots with a suede sole or flat dance shoes with a suede sole, you’ll find plenty of styles available to suit your needs and your tastes. Perhaps you’re looking for a pair of ballroom shoes for your first ballroom competition or maybe a pair of samba shoes to wear for your dance lessons? Whatever you need, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at Burju Shoes.

Looking After Your Suede Sole Shoes

As you probably already know, suede soles are not meant to be worn outside. They are far too delicate for outdoor wear, and they’ll soon become dirty, and maybe even wet or torn. So you’ll need to wear other shoes while you’re out and about and change into your suede soles once you’re indoors. Many dancers choose to keep their dance shoes in a shoe bag to keep them clean while they’re not being worn.

You’ll find that suede sole shoes give you an optimal dance experience however they do require a bit of upkeep to maintain their condition. Occasionally, soles can get damaged from small pieces of wood that stick up on the dance floor, or you may step onto an area where drink has been spilt if you choose to wear them to a club or dance hall where they serve alcohol. Suede has a habit of soaking up liquids and glazing over.

If you do step in alcohol, you’ll need to clean the suede bottoms of your dance shoes with a wire brush or sandpaper to remove the glaze and restore the nap. However, if you step in water, your shoes will probably be fine, but you’ll find that the ‘slip’ will disappear until they dry out. You can also use a wire brush regularly to fluff up the nap and keep it fuzzy. Once the nap has totally disappeared, it’s either time to replace the soles or to replace your shoes.

Order Suede Sole Dance Shoes, Boots & Flats Online at Burju

At Burju we specialize in creating high-quality dance shoes that are suitable for every kind of dance and every kind of dancer. So whether you’re a newbie ballroom dancer or a professional Latin dancer, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding suede sole dance boots online. Shipping is free on orders over $100 within the US, and we also ship all our shoes internationally too.

Take a look at our selection now, and you’ll see that we have everything from laced dance boots to flat swing shoes, and also offer you the opportunity to customize your dance shoes should you require something a little different from our standard shoes. - Read Less

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