Flat Dance Shoes for Pro Dancers

Dancing is something that we all can do in our own unique way. Once a song or a beat drops that speaks to your soul you simply have no choice but to bust a move. However, when it comes to professional dancing, or executing those amazing dances you’ve seen in ballrooms and celebrated on television reality shows, nobody gets a free pass. We all have to start at the bottom. Where women are concerned flat dance shoes are usually encouraged when you are starting out, but then some who do not wish to become a competitive dancer will prefer this type of shoe over stilettos.+ Expand

It makes sense to everyone that your shoes should be comfortable, however in the dance world, dancers often endure severe pain just so they have a pair of shoes that look the part. Fortunately for dancers all around the world, Burju Perez, the internationally renowned professional dancer and choreographer, and our fearless founder at BurjuShoes.com, recognized the importance of crafting exceptionally stylish and functional shoes that also offer maximum comfort.

So, when you are starting out, whether you want to dive right in and get a pair of exceptionally eye-catching stilettos, or a pair of classy flat dance shoes, rest assured that what you will find here on BurjuShoes.com are solutions that put Burju’s hard-earned knowledge into practice. Our goal is to make sure that you don’t have to unnecessarily put up with the pain and can just enjoy the process of learning those killer moves and look good doing it.

Why flat dance shoes are good for beginners

Novice dancers often prefer flatter soles to begin with because it keeps them a little closer to the ground and the shorter heel helps them maintain their balance while learning tricky moves. Using a flat heel or flat shoes, to begin with is also a good place to start simply because you want to enjoy the learning process, and sometimes if we fall a lot, or get injured this can negatively impact our perception with regards to our ability, and may cause some to lose confidence.

Having a shorter heel will help you more confidently practice and build that sense of accomplishment lesson by lesson and each time you practice at home. It is easier to place your weight in a flatter shoe, or in shorter heels, and focus on the moves first and foremost. Once you have them mastered, then it is time to step up, literally, and try on a higher heel that will seriously compliment your figure and really make those elaborate moves look even more sensational.

Flat dance shoes are versatile

At BurjuShoes.com, we love the fact that we can pop on our designer flat shoes even when we are away from the dance floor and bring that extra bit of style into town. Flat dance shoes are typically multi-purpose, so they can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Just make sure you take good care of them! 

We can also customize a range of our shoes to meet your material, heel and sole fabric specifications and with hundreds of other styles to choose from on our site, rest assured that you can undoubtedly find everything from understated to versatile to eye-catching all in one place and at amazing prices.

So, whether you’re starting out, or looking for a sweet pair of flat shoes to practice or strut around town in, look no further than right here at BurjuShoes.com.

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