3.5 Inch Heels

Welcome to Burju Shoes, the best possible choice for heels that are sexy, sleek, and comfortable! What started as a solution to bring the style and beauty of fashion heels to the sturdy, comfortable construction of dance shoes has since blossomed into an affordable, customizable, incredible designer brand! Whether you’re looking for a standard 3-inch dance heel or 4.5 inch heels, we have it all and allow you to choose not only your style and fit, but also height and sole preference! + Read more

3.5 Inch Heels

Whether you are dancing, going on a night out or for everyday use, you want shoes that look good and give you that added confidence boost no matter what you are doing.

There is a reason many women have a shoe addiction; wearing the right shoes can transform your look and your mindset, taking your feet from boring to brilliant. At Burju Shoes, we share your addiction, and we want every woman to feel glamorous in their shoes. Our 3.5-inch heels collection can take you perfectly from day to night and especially to the dance floor!

Comfortable 2.5 Inch Heels You Can Wear Anywhere

With all occasions covered, 3.5 inch heel shoes can be the perfect height. We design these heels in either a dance suede sole or a street sole. As no two feet are the same, a lot of our designs are available with customizable elements. Our custom-made shoes allow you to choose your perfect heel height, along with the color and sole of your choice.

When you are dancing, you want your shoes to be comfortable to allow you to dance to your heart’s content. No one wants to have to stop dancing because their feet are aching from ill-fitting or cheaply made shoes. At Burju Shoes, our designs are made with your feet in mind, giving your feet and ankles the support needed and making you feel the best you ever have when dancing.

Who said comfort must be boring? At Burju Shoes, comfort and fashion go hand-in-hand. Our designs will make you feel sexy and glamourous. There is not even a hint of boredom. Many of our shoes are made with an ultra-comfort inner sole, so you are free to dance the night away.

Various options on our 3.5 inch heel shoes

Now your favorite pair of heels do not just have to be kept to the dance floor. You can show them off to everybody. At Burju Shoes, we also offer our heels in a street sole, meaning you can wear them out and about as well as on the dance floor. It makes the perfect combination of a stylish, yet comfortable 3.5 inch heels, with a sole that is tough enough to withstand the hard surfaces outside.

We are proud to stand apart from the crowd with customizable heels, a word that is often synonymous with expense. However, at Burju Shoes, you will be pleasantly surprised by the affordable price tags that our custom shoes have, offering you a luxury, bespoke product at a fraction of the cost that you might have been expecting.

How to order custom 3.5 inch heels from Burju

We are waiting to help you find your perfect shoes to add to your collection. Our chat function is available should you have any questions about any of our products or if you need help in selecting the best shoes for your type of dance.

Order your shoes online today, allowing 2-5 business days for delivery within the US on ready-made shoes and 3-4 weeks on custom made shoes. What’s more, if your order comes to $100 or above, we offer free shipping, with a $20 flat fee for international shipping.

Express yourself through dance and shoes with Burju.

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