Chunky Heels

If you are the kind of dancer that has to be dragged off the dance floor at the end of the night kicking and screaming for just one more song, then you’ve come to the right place! No two dancers are the same, and while some will love a stiletto and can strut their stuff in them all night, others require something with a little more stability. As such, here at Burju Shoes, we have created a range of lace up chunky heels dance shoes that are the answer to all of your prayers. + Read more

Lace Up Chunky Heels

At Burju Shoes, we live to dance, and we love it so much that we have made talking and thinking about and designing shoes our day job, which is quite nice, actually. Our founder and fearless leader, Burju Perez, is a former professional and competitive dancer and has put all of her accumulated knowledge about women's dance shoes, and everything that works and does not work into creating a line of products that combine eye-catching style with excellent functionality and best of all, are extremely comfortable.

Those who cannot bear stilettos may even find a pair of shoes on our site that would make all the difference to their dancing. But, if you’re just not into those slender heels, then we have a collection of beautiful designer dance shoes that offer a little more support through their chunky heels.

Our Lace Up Chunky Heels Prioritize Comfort

At Burju Shoes, we want our customers to be as much a part of the creative process as us. To that end, a number of our designer shoes can be customized so that you can have a shoe that you know will be everything you want a dance shoe to be.

Where customization is possible, we allow our customers to customize the heel, which ranges from 2.5-inch to 4-inch and have a large choice of widths available to pick from also. You can also decide what kind of fabric you want on the sole. So, if you were thinking of using the shoes just for the dance floor, or if you were hoping for a pair of shoes that could be used out and about as well, either option is possible. Finally, the color and the material of the product are also customizable. 

What’s also worth bearing in mind, is the fact that at Burju Shoes we have a commitment to our customers that we will always put their interests first and so we have implemented practices and procedures to ensure that this is always the case. Your needs and desires will always be our first consideration and we are dedicated to continually striving toward better and better customer experiences.

The Best Lace Up Chunky Heels in the USA

At Burju Shoes, our products are the result of many years of innovation with regard to the production of shoes and we have achieved the incredible results that our customers continually rave about by making flexible shoes that are of the highest quality and style available.

So, whether lace up chunky heels dance shoes are what you want, or if you think you just have to give a pair of Burju stilettos a go, browse our site and get in touch if you wish to ask any questions. Our exceptional customer care team are highly knowledgeable and here to help you find the best pair of dance shoes you will ever buy.

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