Red Open Toe Booties

Hello, welcome to Burju designs! Home of the best affordable, red open toe booties! Based out of the USA, we have customers all over the world and always work to expand our distribution! What started as a company to give dancers better options than just drab dance shoes has rapidly grown into a full shoe line of beautiful, comfortable, functional shoes that are the perfect mix of womens dance shoes, and stiletto booties! We offer everything from flats to platforms and are always designing new shoes to fit your personality! + Read more

Red Open Toe Booties

When most of us think of a night out on the town, we imagine our little black dress, clutch and beautiful black shoes. It’s sleek, it’s classic and it’s sexy- but a little predictable. Lately, vibrant accessories have been so in style, as have different types of heels. For example, instead of putting on a pair of black sling backs with your LBD why don’t you try a pair of red open toe booties? Red is such a powerful, vibrant color and matched with a clutch, or even lipstick can be a very clever and bold fashion statement.

The advantages of red open toe booties

Booties have extra advantages on top of looking sexy; they provide more support while still showing just enough skin with the open toe to be wearable in all seasons. I promise you if you decide to wear a pair of open toe booties, red or otherwise your feet will be thanking you in the morning.

Burju creates red open toe booties differently

Burju Shoes was started as a way to take the comfort, wearability and support that dancers shoes offer and bring that to the world of fashion heels. It doesn’t make sense that heels designed for being comfortable and functional look so boring, while fashion heels can feel like torture devices for our feet. Burju decided to take the idea of having a latin dance shoe so comfortable it can be worn all day and married it with the idea that comfort doesn’t need to happen at the expense of beauty. Thus, Burju shoes were born and now we have a huge selection of beautiful, designer, high-quality high dance heels that you can wear all day long!

We also have the added bonus of being a customizable shoe retailer, we offer our customers the opportunity to choose their heel height, sole, and even (for our fully custom orders) the fabric. Another amazing piece of information, even if we are building a fully customizable shoe for you, it will only take about a month!

How can I order my red open toe booties?

It’s simple! Just browse our selections, choose any custom options you might be looking for and then follow our check out process. For questions about shipping, custom heels and more, please take a look at our FAQ section, or if you have any other questions, we are more than happy to answer all inquiries through the contact section of our site. Thank you, and welcome to the Burju family!

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