Latin Dance Shoes

Latin Dancing is an incredibly energetic dance that consists of extreme movements of the lower half of the body, meaning the dancer must be confident in the positioning of their feet to successfully complete the dance. Ensuring that you have flexible and traction controlled women's latin dance shoes will enable you to move with the ferocity and fiery grace needed for this dance. Fortunately, at Burju Shoes we have a wide range of latin dance shoes that have a suede sole and flexible design to allow the dancer to move fluidly without tumbling or tripping. + Read More

Womens & Ladies Latin Dance Shoes

If you’re looking to buy ladies latin dance shoes but can’t find exactly the right pair for you we have a range of heels that are customizable, meaning you can always find quality latin dance shoes that’ll suit your style. The areas of our dance shoes that you can customize are the:

  • Length and Width of the Heel
  • Material of the Sole
  • Color and Material

Create Any Style of Womens Latin Dance Shoes with Burju

Although we offer a myriad of different styles, heel heights and colors, we understand that sometimes you need a particular style or color of Latin shoe; and that’s why we offer the option of customizing your dance shoes and have also created a range of professional latin dance shoes. If you require any further details, get in touch with the team here at Burju who’ll be happy to help you to create the perfect pair of womens Latin dance shoes for you. Orders for customized shoes generally take between 3 and 4 weeks, but we’re sure you’ll be more than delighted with the finished product.

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