Kizomba Dance Shoes

It isn’t every day that a new dance comes along that takes the world by storm. Classics take time and time to reveal themselves. Kizomba Dance got started in Angola, Africa back in the 80s but has in recent years made a real impression on the dance scene, with pros and amateurs alike loving its instant accessibility and the challenging possibilities it provokes when you go deep. + Read more

Kizomba Dance Shoes 

Kizomba dance shoes are therefore something that we at Burju Shoes get questions about quite often. While there is no one defined shoe for any dance, because really there isn’t just one style of dancer out there, we look toward innovating within the shoe types that exist to find solutions that perfectly compliment this unique and exciting dance style.

Here at Burju Shoes, you will find a huge range of different styles, colors, fabrics, heels, and straps, but the difference between what we bring to the market and what has been there for a long time is that our shoes have the style, functionality, and comfort. That’s right; when you slip on a pair of Burju Shoes, you can feel confident that we have considered your every comfort and invested in the greatest design minds and manufacturers out there to ensure you can dance until you drop.

What’s more, because our dance shoes have that added level of comfort, they can be used both on the dance floor and in the street, making them an investment that you will get a lot of wear out of, and turn a hell of a lot of heads no matter where you go.

Take your Kizomba dance shoes around the world

Those who have embraced Kizomba dance already speak to its joyous soul and the feeling of calm and harmony that it inspires. Typically, you can expect to find a couple in a close embrace, swaying at a slow pace that lends an undeniable air of sensuality to it.

Naturally, any dance that promotes such close encounters and does not require a great deal of effort to learn will always catch on, and this is the case for Kizomba in particular. It has quickly been adopted in the fashion capitals of the world, including New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo, with each culture bringing its own unique interpretation to the traditional moves.

With this dance style set to continue its infectious uptake across the world, it is inevitable that you will begin to see it more and more often on television and on reality dance competitions. Fortunately for you, however, here at Burju Shoes, we know a thing or two about kitting out the feet of the most fashionable, with our Kizomba shoes having been used over the last number of seasons on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. 

Why you should buy your Kizomba shoes at Burju

So, if you are determined to hit the dance floor to show off your Kizomba moves and want to make sure that everybody is looking at you, why not check out our range of eye-catching Kizomba dance shoes. At Burju Shoes, we are dedicated to getting quality footwear to our customers and in order to do so, we regularly offer them at sale prices.

Right now, you can pick up a pair of knockout women's dance shoes at Burju Shoes for half price. Better still, because we operate a 30-Day returns policy for customers in the United States, you can shop confidently that if the shoe isn’t the right fit, you can send it back and we will endeavor to get the right shoes onto your feet as soon as possible.

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