Patent Leather Dance Shoes

It is so important to choose your dance shoes carefully whether you are still practicing, simply dancing for fun or getting ready for a major performance. Quality dance shoes are fitted with a steel shank that gives your feet all the support needed for making quick phased movements on different parts of your feet. Good dance shoes also add the right amount of traction as you move about and most of these shoes are fitted with a thinner sole to create a shoe that is more flexible and a lot lighter for all of those quick movements. + Read more

Patent Leather Dance Shoes

Shoe materials also play a huge part in dance shoes because it affects the flexibility of the shoe, weight and the overall look.

Many dancers love patent leather shoes for dancing because this type of shoe offers plenty of great benefits such as the following;

Easy to clean – Patent leather are some of the easier shoe materials to keep clean. You can wipe these types of shoes down with a damp cloth and even wipe away grime and dirt using a damp cloth with a mild soap. Patent leather can also be polished and shined to maintain a brilliant and beautiful look.

Durable - Patent leather is highly durable and as such is one of the best material types for practice dance shoes.

Versatile - These shoes are very versatile. Patent leather is available in various shades, and textures and there are many shoe designs available as a result. These shoe types are also a good choice as dancers can even use them on a night out instead of simply for dancing.

Beautiful - The beautiful colors and natural shine of patent leather results in shoes that are beautiful and perfect for professional stage performing. 

Care Tips for Patent Leather Shoes

These shoes are highly durable, but the type of care you give them could make a big difference to how they look in a couple of months of frequent wear. Here are a few of the best care tips for your dance shoes;

  • It is important to find the right fit for your feet and for the type of dance you will be performing. Most of our patent leather shoes are for dance floors only and might not be as suitable for dancing on other surfaces. If you are unsure of your fit, then it is important to see a professional dance instructor for the best tips on how to pick the right shoe. Shoes that are too big will restrict your movement and will make you feel insecure. Shoes that are too small can be damaging to your feet.
  • All new shoes need to be broken in before they will fit comfortably. Never attempt to dance in new shoes for competitions or long periods because your feet will blister. Upon arrival, you should wear your dance shoes with thin socks to expand the leather straps and make them fit your feet.
  • Patent leather lasts longer when they are frequently treated with leather oil. Ask a shoe company about their available leather shoe treatments and treat your shoes regularly to maintain the elasticity of the material and to keep it from cracking.

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