Custom Made Samba Shoes

The Samba is all about feeling the rhythm and whether you’re still trying to master the basic steps or you’re a seasoned samba dancer, you’ll find it much easier to move your feet in a pair of professional latin dance shoes. However, at Burju Shoes we understand that sometimes you need something a little different from our standard samba dance shoes  and that’s why we offer you the opportunity to purchase custom made samba shoes online or in our store. + Read more

Custom Samba Shoes

Whether you simply want to change the color of a particular pair of shoes or you need to change the heel height or width fitting, we’re here to give you a pair of customized shoes that will fit your feet and your dancing requirements. Plus, our custom samba shoes will look good, give you all the support and help that you need with your balance, and they’ll be super comfortable too.

Get into the samba rhythm in a pair of custom made samba shoes

While we can’t promise that our custom samba shoes will magically turn you into a world-class dancer, we can promise you that they’ll help your posture and give you the opportunity to move freely as you shimmy around the floor. Our shoes have been designed to gently cradle your feet and the addition of straps, laces or elastic will keep your feet securely inside the shoes while giving you the freedom to move in time with the music. You’ll find that your balance will be improved, and you’ll feel safe and secure with a pair of Burju shoes on your feet.

Add in quick-release buckles for fast shoe changes, and a cushioned inner sole to keep your feet dancing for hours on end and you’ll see why both our standard and custom range of samba shoes are the shoes that both professional and non-professional dancers prefer.

Make a grand entrance in custom made satin samba shoes

Take a look at our selection of samba shoes now, and you’ll see that you’ll be spoilt for choice. With options to choose shoes with varying heel heights and shapes from 2.5 inch slim and 3 inch flared to 3.5-inch stiletto heels, you can choose the height and heel shape that suits you and your dance style best. We offer eye-catching styles in satin and metallic snakeskin, vegan textured alligator and the option to choose either an indoor suede sole or an outdoor rubber sole so you’re not restricted to keeping your stunning new shoes for the dance floor.

As you would expect, our customized samba dance shoes take a little longer to arrive than our standard versions as they’re made especially for you. Even so, you can be tripping the light fantastic in your new custom-made samba shoes in as little as four weeks. Payment for your order can be made via our safe and secure payment process, and you can rest assured that your personal details are safe with us.

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