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What was that breath of fresh air called again? Another way of saying the same thing in the dance world is, what is Kizomba dance?

Well, this now incredibly popular dancing style originated in Angola, Africa in the 1980s. It stems from a wide range of influences, both European and Latin, but brings a whole new energy to the dance floor to those who were well versed in the Latin scene, and make entry into the dance world that bit more accessible for beginners, who could quickly pick up the relatively easy to learn basics. + Read more

Kizomba Dance

Kizomba dance is highly sensual and is a beautiful dance that gives a dance partnership a particularly unique and warm experience, which will seduce the soul. While the beginner steps are manageable, rest assured that for those seeking out something challenging, once you start to move up through the more open dance that requires faster steps, tricks, and footwork, this requires a certain level of proficiency and a degree of complicity between the pair.

So, now that you’re already hooked and desperate to drag your partner out onto the dance floor to give it a shot, you’re going to need some killer heels to pull off those moves. Lucky for you, here at Burju Shoes, we have got you covered. If you want to stay out practicing or dancing for hours on end without your feet forcing you off the floor, then our Kizomba dance shoes are exactly what you’re looking for.

What to wear to Kizomba Dancing

Where Kizomba dancing is concerned, at Burju Shoes, we have just the right shoe. Our ‘Tryna’ range offers a lace-up design with an adjustable width heel and are custom made to order. You really have to check this shoe out to believe just how eye-popping it really is. There are two color options, pink blue lined fabric and black blue green forest and we can create a shoe with a sole that is multi-purpose, so, ideal for the street or the dance floor, and we can also make it with a suede sole if you want it specifically for the dance floor.

Our goal at Burju Shoes is to achieve 100% satisfaction from all of our customers. All of our women's dance shoes are expertly crafted and designed by the best specialists in the business, and we strive to constantly deliver shoes that offer maximum comfort combined with incredible functionality and style.

The Kizomba dance is fun and beginner friendly

Kizomba dance is fun to do with friends, your local dance community or taking a class overseas. Everyone in class is inclusive, friendly and the Kizomba dance moves are generally slower than other dance forms.

In terms of our know-how and experience, our founder Burju Perez is a former professional and competitive dancer and choreographer who knows the ins and outs of what a good professional dance shoe is. What’s more, there is a strong possibility that if you are interested in dancing, ballroom dancing or even entertainment for the masses, you have admired our shoes in the last few years. That’s right, Burju Shoes were the choice of many celebrities on Dancing with the Stars over the past seasons. So, rest assured that when you trust us to make a shoe for you, you’re going to get an exceptional product.

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At Burju Shoes, we appreciate that when you’re spending all that money on your dance shoes you expect the best, and so we want to make sure that you can get it and at a great price, too. What’s more, we offer a free 30-day returns policy to all our US resident customers and excellent customer care, courtesy of our extremely knowledgeable staff.

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