Collection: Comfortable Heels For Dancing


When world-renowned professional dancer and choreographer Burju Perez, and founder of Burju Shoes, sat down to design dance shoes, she put all of her experiences and knowledge to use in order to design outstanding products that would offer unrivalled style, guaranteed to catch the eyes of all and comfort to ensure that dancers could focus on doing what they do best without having to unnecessarily sacrifice their feet. + Read more

Comfortable Heels for Dancing 

Comfortable heels for dancing is something that all dancers, professional and amateur alike search for every year. While having beautifully designed shoes that offer the functionality you need keeps the judges and onlookers watching you, having a pair of heels that compliment your style, shape, and size is vital to you personally being able to express and enjoy yourself while you strut your stuff. 

At Burju Shoes, we appreciate that sometimes shoes come so close to being perfect, but ultimately there is one little thing that lets them down or has you wishing you could just tweak it so that they tick all the boxes, in terms of what you need from them. Lucky for you, here at Burju Shoes, we empower you to customize your dance shoes in a number of ways, to help you achieve the best heels for dancing.

You can determine the color and material for the shoes you want, what kind of fabric will go on the sole, so that you have shoes that are either multi-purpose or specifically for dancing, and finally, you can also choose the size of heel you want.

How to pick a comfortable heel

At Burju Shoes, you have a choice of heel sizes between 2.5 inches and 4 inches. Among the heel heights and styles that we offer are:

The kind of heel that you choose will have a lot to do with your level and the style of dancing that you practice. As a general rule, beginners will tend toward shoes that offer a wider heel base that offers a little more stability and support, whereas professionals will opt for slim heels, particularly when in competition, because, with the heel being perfectly centered, this allows for elegant toe points, and offers fantastic balance and support. 

Dancing can now be comfortable with our heels

So, how do you know that you will find a pair of shoes that will meet your expectations at Burju Shoes? Well, over the past few years our shoes have been the go-to choice for many celebrities who participated on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, which means that if you are a fan of that show, or even mildly interested in dancing as a result of it, you are more than likely already very familiar with them.

Our shoes offer functionality, comfort, and style that was achieved by bringing the knowledge and expertise of leading industry specialists and designers and combining their know-how, with Burju’s flair for style and dance. So, rest assured that if you are struggling to find comfortable heels for dancing, here at Burju Shoes, we won’t compromise in any area and are dedicated to putting you on cloud nine.

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