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Since the company’s foundation in 2009, the goal of Burju Shoes has been to offer flexible and versatile products for people searching for dancing shoes. Our founder - Burju Perez – was an incredibly successful dancer herself and wanted to bring more stylish and comfortable products to the market. + Read more

The Best Ballroom Dance Shoes to Buy in 2020

Our dedication to providing the best ballroom dance shoes has enabled us to become one of the best providers of ballroom dance shoes in the country.

The superior quality of our shoes is down to several factors, which includes the overall flexibility of the shoe itself.

The suede sole allows dancers to glide, shimmy and shake their way across the dance floor without overbalancing or tripping. The fabric of the sole ensures dancers can move the way they want to and express their creative energy without interruption.

Avoid Injuries When Wearing The Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

Whenever you’re dancing you want to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible, so that you’re not inhibited to what moves you can perform. Being more relaxed and comfortable enables you to perform extravagant moves without faltering, which is incredibly important if you’re dancing professionally.

Sadly, many shoes don’t offer a level of comfort that is supportive enough for such an energetic sport. Fortunately, at Burju Dance Shoes we have specifically engineered our shoes to provide the maximum amount of comfort possible, therefore allowing you to put your best foot forward at whatever dancing event you’re attending.

Possessing a pair of the best ballroom dance shoes can help prevent:

  • Blisters
  • Aching Feet
  • Cramps
  • Inflammation
  • Hammertoes

By preventing these common problems by wearing our premium-quality shoes you’ll be able to get out on the dance floor with the best of the best and show everyone your skills without discomfort.

We Only Create The Best Quality Ballroom Dance Shoes

At Burju Shoes we believe that the quality of the product we sell should come above everything else. We prioritize renovating our designs, improving the quality of the materials we’re buying and ensure we’re hiring expert craftsman to design and make our shoes. We believe that our commitment to the quality of our products has made us one of the best providers of women's ballroom shoes as our customers cherish the shoes they purchase from us for their durability and flexibility.

Buying The Best Ballroom Dance Shoes Will Improve Your Dancing

Our range of Latin dance shoes is truly amazing as we have over 100 pairs of premium-quality dancing shoes available for our customers. There are a wide range of patterns, colors, designs and materials to choose from, so you can always choose a pair of dancing shoes that fit your occasion perfectly.

In addition, our ‘build your own’ shoe options allow you to take control and pick design features for fundamental aspects of your shoes, therefore presenting you with an even wider array of choices.

No matter what dancing event you’re heading off to, we can provide you with a pair of dancing shoes that are perfect for you. Our shoes are perfect for occasions, such as:

  • Social Dancing Event
  • Competitions
  • Stage Performances
  • Classes
  • Workshops

Whether you’re looking for professional ballroom shoes, low heeled ballroom dance shoes or anything in-between we have an extensive range to fit your needs at Burju Shoes. You can order a pair of fashionable, dance floor ready shoes today through our website. It’s fast and easy, plus if you have any questions on our products or services you can browse through the FAQ’s or contact us via e-mail for a quick response to your queries.

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