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Whether you’re buying your first pair of ballroom heels or you need another pair to add to your collection, you’ll find a fantastic selection of ballroom shoes at Burju. We specialize in creating beautiful ballroom dance shoes that dancers want to wear and it’s all down to the quality of the materials we use and the care we take to create a shoe that’s comfortable to wear. + Read More

Ballroom Heels & Dance Shoes

As any dancer will tell you, comfort is of the utmost priority when you’re on your feet for hours. And ensuring that your ballroom heels are comfortable and that they fit correctly cannot be underestimated. All our dance shoes are designed with comfort in mind and incorporate features such as suede outer soles which enable you to glide around the dance floor with ease, but also give you grip when you most need it. You’ll also find that our ballroom shoes are incredibly flexible to allow you to move correctly and show off your dance techniques. 

Always buy ballroom dance shoes that fit correctly

Buying the correct ballroom dance shoes online for the job is easy when you see the selection on offer at our store. We offer Latin, standard and practice shoes so you can select the type that meets your needs. We offer a very large range of options and customizable features. If you require a high heel we have it, if you need a low heeled ballroom dancing shoe, we can make it. And, while we know that you’re going to choose your new womens ballroom dance shoes based on how they look, you should also keep in mind that they need to offer support, performance and protection for your feet and ankles.

Always make sure that your new shoes fit snugly but without putting pressure on any part of the foot. In this way, you’ll find that once the shoes are broken in you’ll still have all the control you need, without the shoes feeling too loose. If you’re a beginner, you may want to opt for closed-toe shoes as they offer more protection than the open-toed variety.

Finding the perfect size ballroom dance shoe for you shouldn’t be a problem at Burju, as we offer all our ballroom shoes in half sizes. We suggest that when you buy ballroom shoes, you may want to order a half size smaller if your feet are narrow, while dancers with wider than average feet may wish to order a half size larger.

Getting the most from your new ballroom dance heels

Your ballroom dance heels are likely to last a little longer if you take some extra steps to protect them. We recommend the following easy and inexpensive solutions to extend the life of your new shoes.

  • Invest in heel protectors – they will not only protect the heels of your shoes but they’ll preserve the floor and give you more traction too.
  • Use a shoe brush – even the finest suede soles will lose their nap eventually so refreshing the nap with a steel bristled shoe brush will help to keep the soles sliding smoothly.
  • Scotchguard or fabric protector spray – this can prove invaluable for satin and suede shoes as these types of material can prove very difficult to clean once they get dirty.

Order your ballroom dance shoes online now from Burju

Buying ballroom dance shoes is easy when you order through Burju. We offer worldwide delivery for our high-quality latin dance shoes are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, why not find out why professional dancers love to dance ballroom in Burju shoes by placing your order today?

Whatever dancing event you need professional ballroom dancing shoes for we can provide you with the perfect solution for your needs. If you desire more information on our products and services, then our FAQ has helpful answers to many commonly asked questions, or if you cannot find an answer to your query, then contact us via e-mail for a quick response to your question.

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