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Dancing is a means to reconnect with who we are and show the world what we are made of. This is especially true when it comes to salsa dancing. So, professional salsa shoes are of utmost importance when it comes to connecting with that alluring, agile, rhythmic persona that lives inside you because when you step into the right pair of shoes, everything changes. + Read more

Professional Salsa Dance Shoes

From a young age, we consume advertisements that create an aura of extreme possibilities when it comes to shoes, trainers, and sneakers. We imagine ourselves running faster and overcoming all competitors, and from that first moment forward, when it comes to choosing shoes, we are always seeking out a reflection of what we want to show of ourselves to the world. 

At Burju Shoes, we understand this completely. Our founder and leader, Burju Perez, made waves around the world during her professional career as a dancer and choreographer, and now her women's dance shoes are standing head and shoulders above all others because they bring that certain charm, mystique, and allure to the dance floor. 

How To Care For Your Professional Salsa Shoes

When you own a pair of dance shoes it is your duty as a professional or a semi-professional, or even a novice, to care for them if they are to serve you as best they can.

As such, always make sure to clean and polish them immediately after use, to make the best use of the warmth in the leather, which will absorb the polish that bit better and condition it overnight. Where hygiene is concerned, don’t stuff your dirty or sweaty socks into the dance shoes. You don’t want to transfer any odors onto the leather.

But, if you are about to buy a new pair of professional salsa dance shoes we believe the afternoon is the best time to try them on. Your foot will expand as the day progresses and by the afternoon it will have done so to its most inflated shape, which means that the shoes you try on that fit, will work well for you going forward.

When it comes to breaking them in, put on a pair of thick socks and walk around the house at different intervals to get used to the feel. This will also allow the material it stretch and for those who find the heel catching at the ankle, try using a shoehorn to tease the material a little more. 

We Can Help You Create Your Ideal Professional Salsa Dance Shoes

At Burju Shoes, we believe that the right pair of shoes can transform us on the dance floor. When it comes to men’s shoes we have a range that is currently on sale and available to acquire for half price. Sizes can be reduced by half a size to allow for a narrower foot and up a size for those with a broader foot.

So, when you feel like dancing and need a pair of exquisite shoes that will tap into your dancing soul, look no further than Burju Shoes. We are here to ensure you can slip into the perfect women's salsa dance shoes.

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