Collection: Custom Made Salsa Shoes


There’s no doubt that having the right dance shoes is a must if you want to forget about what’s on your feet and concentrate on your dancing, especially when you’re hot-footing it around the floor showing off your salsa moves. Your choice of shoes can make all the difference between having the confidence to move to the beat or feeling that you don’t have the range of motion in your feet to execute the steps correctly. + Read more

Custom Salsa Shoes

At Burju Shoes, we not only offer an exceptional range of high-quality shoes for salsa dancing, but we also give you the option to design your own custom salsa shoes, so you can have all the support and functionality you need in a style, heel height and color that suits you best. With years of experience in supplying professional quality dancing shoes, we know and understand that one style doesn’t fit all.

Customize Your Salsa Shoes Without Affecting Functionality

While we endeavor to create a myriad of different women's salsa dance shoes in a myriad of colors and styles, we know that sometimes you feel the need to change the color, add a longer strap or change the heel height. With our custom made salsa shoes, these changes are possible – you can tweak and adjust our standard options without losing any of the comfort, flexibility, support and functionality you need from a professional dance shoe.

How Can We Customize Your Salsa Shoes

We’re able to customize our salsa dance shoes in a number of different ways. Maybe you love a particular pair of shoes, but you need a rubber sole rather than a suede one. Perhaps the shoes you love have a higher heel than you would normally wear – no problem, just request a lower one. Maybe you want a pair of shoes custom-dyed to match a particular outfit, or you need custom heels for a whole dance troupe so that you all look the same. Whatever your needs, if you can’t see the option to customize your shoes in the way you would like, speak to our friendly customer services team, and we’ll see how we can help.

The Advantages of Buying Customized Salsa Shoes from Burju

Whether you buy our ready-to-wear dance shoes, or you opt to have them customized, you’ll still be getting the same fabulous quality shoes that have been designed and manufactured by specialists who really know what a dancer needs from their shoes. We guarantee that your custom salsa shoes will be made with the utmost care and quality checked to make sure that they meet the Burju seal of approval. And, whether you prefer to shop in person in our Massachusetts showroom or you need to order your shoes online, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting professional salsa shoes that will keep you dancing for hours and hours.

So why not see for yourself why professional dancers prefer to buy their shoes from Burju? Place your order and we’ll ship orders over $100 for free within the US, while our international clients won’t have to pay shipping charges on orders over $200. We also offer 30-day free returns within the US and all our shoes come with the Burju quality assurance.

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