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Welcome to Burju Shoes, the best retailer of designer shoes that are both comfortable and stunning! Since 2009 we have been the number one choice for those who crave both style and function on and off of the dance floor. Our aim is to provide gorgeous, head-turning shoes without compromising on comfort and performance. We believe that every woman deserves to feel sexy, confident and comfortable and our shoes will leave you feeling fierce, not feeling pain. + Read more

Closed Toe Lace Up Heels

Why can’t they be both! The way we see it, if you can’t tell, then we are doing something right. Typically most dance shoes are boring and bland, and most fashion shoes are painful and unsustainable to even walk in, let alone perform. It seems like a broken system; shoes should be able to be beautiful without killing your feet, right? This is exactly what our founder Burju Perez thought, and after being a professional salsa/mambo dancer for over fifteen years, she decided to make a range of closed toe lace up heels that don’t leave you blistered and broken, a reality.

Closed Toe Heels for on and off the Dance Floor!

On the dance floor:

Dancing is a lifestyle. It requires time, dedication, discipline, blood, sweat and tears- but also attention to detail. Latin Ballroom dance specifically is one of the most popular and demanding types of dance and every aspect of the costume from head to toe is important and carefully curated. Our shoes are trustworthy, durable, stable and functional with unbeatable construction, the added bonus? Also being beautiful, customizable and unique.

Off the dance floor:

While Burju shoes were born from a background of dance, they have evolved into an everyday shoe. Choosing a street sole will allow you the flexibility of being able to wear your shoes on any type of surface. Which makes a lot of sense when you consider that our latin dance shoes are made to be worn comfortably all day. Our designs are built to provide the maximum comfort but are also made to be durable and promote wearability, not to mention our selection is unbeatable. From open-toed booties to closed toe lace-up heels, we have a large selection of customizable, gorgeous shoes that you will absolutely love.

Don’t Break the Bank or a Heel!

We strive to ensure that our shoes are accessible to everyone, but we do realize the unfortunate perception of custom, designer shoes is that they are insanely expensive. A lot of the time, that sadly is the case. Most boutiques or custom retailers have people leave their store thinking there is no possible way to afford a custom, comfortable, beautiful shoe.

That’s not the case with us; we think affordability should go hand in hand with sexy, unique, beautiful quality products and that is what we deliver. Most people will compromise on quality and buy a cheap shoe to wear once or twice, but those often end up being throwaways and barely make it through the event they were purchased for. Our dance heels are comparable to department store products in price but are made to last.

Stunning Closed Toe Shoes

You have got the perfect outfit for your dance competition and now all you need are the perfect shoes to match. Luckily, Burju Shoes have a stunning collection of lace up heels that are closed toe that are designed with your feet in mind.

Good shoes are an investment, so it is worth spending time searching for a pair that can fulfill the needs of the form of dance that you do. Many women find it impossible to find a pair of shoes that are comfortable, stylish and not ridiculously expensive, but with Burju Shoes, you can have it all.

Dance the night away in comfort

As every dancer knows, your feet are vital to dance and therefore, it is important that you look after them, whether you are a professional dancer or dance purely for pleasure. In order to keep your feet performing at their optimum level, our shoes provide the right amount of support and comfort.

Our shoes that are made with a dance suede sole provide just enough grip to avoid any stumbles or falls as you dance gracefully across the dance floor. We have also designed shoes that come in a street sole, giving you the best of both worlds as you gracefully transition from street to dance floor. No matter which sole you choose, you will look effortlessly stylish.

Dancing is a discipline that requires hours of practice alongside the excitement and nerves that go with dance competitions. The amount of time you spend on your feet means that you should not cut back on quality when picking your dance shoes. Fortunately, at Burju Shoes, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality shoes without the price tag that you may expect.

Why not try some closed toe lace-up heels for your next dance competition and experience for yourself how dance shoes can be comfortable, exciting and something you will not want to take off your feet? They are even available in vegan material with our customizable options.

Many of our closed toe shoes are available with customizable options, letting you choose your sole, heel height and color.

How Can I Order My Close Toe Lace Up Heels?

If you are anything like us, you will be super excited about your new shoes, and you will be impatient to get them.

After ordering, our custom-made shoes will be with you in as little as 3-4 weeks. If your shoes do not have customizable options, we ship within 2-5 days. However, if you cannot wait for your new shoes, you can expedite your delivery and your shoes will be with you before you know it.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can take advantage of our free delivery when your order comes to $100 or more. If you do live in another part of the world, our flat shipping fee is only $20.

Our Help Center is here for you if you have any further questions or click on the Chat function on our website. We cannot wait to help you choose your next perfect pair of shoes and take your dancing to the next level.

Head over to our website, pick and customize your shoe and then follow our easy checkout process! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message through our contact page!

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