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Welcome to Burju shoes, the best possible choice for boots that are sexy, sleek, and comfortable! What started as a solution to bring the style and beauty of fashion heels to the sturdy, comfortable construction of dance shoes has since blossomed into an affordable, customizable, incredible designer brand! Whether you’re looking for a standard 3-inch dance heel or 4-inch heel ankle boots, we have it all and allow you to choose not only your style and fit, but also height and sole preference! + Read more

4 Inch Heel Ankle Boots

After over a decade of competitive dance, our founder Burju Perez realized something very unfortunate about the footwear industry. Dance boots tend to be comfortable, durable and designed with the idea of movement in mind, but can be of a very particular aesthetic. Meanwhile, fashion shoes at times can feel like torture devices! So she set out to create a 4-inch ankle boot that was wearable, durable and beautiful. For over ten years the brand has been growing and expanding with more and more options to choose from! Now we have everything from flats to stiletto booties and while we still make flexible, durable women's dance shoes that love to be danced in, we also offer fashion styles!

The Advantages Of Our 4 Inch Heel Boots

Our goal is to create unique, functional footwear that is beautiful and high fashion, but most of all comfortable and wearable. We also aim to make sure our brand is affordable; we know the struggle that comes with trying to find well-made shoes, without breaking the bank. However, while our shoes sport department store prices, they are much higher quality - making them a better investment overall. As our company was started with dance in mind, the support and flexibility our shoes offer is second-to-none. Whether it be a pair of flats or 4 inch heel boots you’ll feel comfortable all day long without having to spend weeks breaking them in, or spending extra money on shoe inserts or padding!

Customise Our Boots

As part of Burju's commitment to customization and individuality, most of our boots come with the ability to be tailored for specific uses. If you intend to just use your shoes for dancing, the suede sole is the optimal choice. It allows for traction but also maneuverability specifically on a dance floor. However, for those, who want to show off their boots on and off of the dance floor the street sole is going to be the better choice. The street sole is durable and made to withstand concrete, gravel and other surfaces.

How To Order Your 4 Inch Heel Ankle Boots?

It’s easy! Just choose the style of boots you want, finalize your customization choices and then follow our checkout process, please note that shoes that are custom made can take 3-4 weeks to produce. If you have any questions, you can always send us a message through our contact page or contact us via social media!

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