How to soothe those tired, aching feet!

How to soothe those tired, aching feet!

Here’s a question for you: how are your feet feeling lately? 

If you wear heels, there’s a high chance you suffer from achy feet. It’s not a fun situation for anyone and it can be worse around this time of year when the weather is cold and damp.

In this week’s shoe school, we’re going to talk about how to soothe those achy feet and leave them feeling refreshed and revitalised. Because everyone deserves a little self care, right?

With that in mind, here are some top tips for soothing those tootsies…

1) Make a ginger compress

Ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for over 2,000 years. It’s been known to relieve muscle cramps, swelling and soreness, making it the perfect remedy for tired, aching feet.. You can make a ginger compress for your feet by soaking fresh ginger slices in boiled water for an hour, soaking a clean cloth in the water and holding it to the painful areas on your feet.

1) Try a foot massage

There’s nothing nicer than a foot massage with fragrant essential oils! Choose your oils carefully; peppermint is nice and cooling on hot and tired feet, and is a natural pain reliever. Lavender is a powerful relaxant. Tea tree oil is great for nuking foot fungus and freshening up the skin on your soles. When massaging, pay close attention to the ball, arch and heel and go with what feels good.

3) Wear some insoles 

If you’re wearing Burjus, they should already have a decent level of padding and support that prevents aching feet. But sometimes even this isn’t enough to prevent the ache, especially if you wear your heels for 6 or more hours. Padded insoles can help to alleviate the pressure on feet and prevent aching. Just ask your pharmacy what they recommend.

4) Take a foot bath 

There’s nothing nicer than a piping hot foot bath at the end of a hard day. And it’s the perfect way to relieve aching feet. Use a plastic tub to soak those babies in or go the full mile by running a deep, luxurious bath for yourself. Add bath salts, bubble bath or essential oils - or all three, if you feel like it!

There you have it, sweets! I hope these tips have been useful. Got any more ideas? Be sure to tag us over on Instagram and we’ll share them! Wishing you and your feet a lovely, ache-free week ahead. 

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