5 Ways To Get Used To Heels Fast

5 Ways To Get Used To Heels Fast

Let’s face it. There is nothing quite as sexy as a good pair of heels. But if you’re a beginner in heels, they can feel quite intimidating. But take it from the experts, you can learn quickly! Here are some tips on how to get used to heels....fast!

Start small & thick

We know — five-inch stilettos look amazing! But they take some time to get used to. So start out by wearing a smaller and thicker heel and letting your feet get used to that height before upgrading to higher heels.

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Get some quality shoes

It is very important to invest in good shoes that are comfortable, supportive and feel good! It will make all the difference when you’re dancing all night long.

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Adjust your walk

Walking in heels is not the same as walking in flats. First, you need to walk heel to toe rather than placing the whole foot down (as you do in flats), and secondly, you should start by taking smaller steps.

Take breaks

When learning, don’t overdo it as you can injure your feet. Instead, take breaks when learning, and if you’re worried you haven’t quite nailed it yet, don’t be afraid to pack a pair of flats in your bag for the walk home.

Don’t give up! Practice makes perfect, and the more you wear heels, the easier it will get! Trust us when we say you’ll be slaying in no time at all.

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