Your Guide to Picking the Right Prom Shoes

Your Guide to Picking the Right Prom Shoes

Your Guide to Picking the Right Prom Shoes

Going to prom could be the highlight of your school year. It's a chance to dress up and hang with your friends in a whole new way. You've chosen the perfect dress. You've arranged the limo and your ride to all the after parties. Now make sure you have the perfect shoes for prom that will not only dazzle and highlight your perfect dress—but also keep you comfortable all night long.

Choices, Choices, Choices

There are many things to consider when choosing prom shoes. This is a special event and one that you and your friends will remember for a lifetime. So, take your time making this important decision and consider all of these aspects.


Unless your dress completely hides them, your shoes complete your look. You are probably going to want to wear heels. High heels make you look taller and make your legs look longer. Heels also create a more formal and mature look, which will match your formal dress.

The problem is that, unless you're used to wearing them, heels can be uncomfortable and hard to walk in—not to mention all that dancing you're going to want to do at the prom.

Consider, also, the length of your dress. If it's a mid-calf dress, your shoes will make up a much more prominent part of your overall look than if your dress is floor-length. With a floor-length dress, you can get away with a lower, more stable heel.

Here are 5 style trends for you to consider.

Open- or Closed-Toe?

Closed-toe shoes lend you a sophisticated air and can be a more prominent feature of your look. The main problem with closed-toe shoes is that they can get uncomfortable quickly, especially if you're used to wearing sneakers and flats all day, every day.

Open-toe shoe styles can be a cross between strappy sandals and the closed-toe look with just an opening for your pedicure-ready toes to peep out. They may be more comfortable than closed-toe shoes in the long run.


Strappy sandals are always in fashion. These lightweight summer shoes show off your feet and ankles and create a more carefree and playful look.

Many sandals buckle or tie around the ankle, or even tie up the calf. This is a great look with a shorter dress length. It gracefully shows off your calf definition and your lovely ankles.

Glitter and Shine

A popular trend in prom shoes is glitter and shine. You can choose uppers or sandal straps that are glittery, or just the heels that shine. The sparkle around your feet will draw the eyes downward and make for a complete look whether you're on the dance floor or standing for your photos.

Be aware of overdoing the sparkle, however. If your dress has lots of glitter or sequins, you might want to choose more sedate shoes. They will stand out by contrast, and not over-dazzle.

Pay Attention to the Heels

Heels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. How high do you want to go? If your date is much taller than you—or if you don't care about being taller—you can choose very high spikes or stacked heels, and even platform shoes which add another inch or two to your height. If you're already tall, you might prefer lower-altitude wedges, spikes or block heels.

How much attention do you want to draw to the heels? A stacked heel in a solid colour adds a grounded and solid look to your outfit.

Many young women are choosing transparent heels for their prom shoes. The clear plastic heels allow the emphasis to be on the rest of the shoe and give you the look of floating on air.

How comfortable are you in heels? A stacked or wedge heel gives you more support while walking or dancing. A spiked heel is a more sophisticated look but can be wobbly.


Another trend in prom shoes is a shoe that seems to be barely there. With thin soles and spiked heels, these shoes have neutral coloured straps that make it seem as if you're barefoot as you dance the night away.


Of course, you'll want your shoes to coordinate with your dress and whatever your date is wearing.

The days of shoes dyed the colour of your dress are long gone—no matter what grandma says. These days you can opt for a variety of prints and colours to match your overall style.

One idea is to choose a print. If your dress is a solid colour, a print might be just the style to complete your look. Prints can be as subtle as swirls of contrasting colour in the shoe, or as outspoken as a tiger or zebra print. You won't want to go crazy here, but if your dress is one of the neutral shades, a print might be just the ticket.

Another popular trend is metallic shades: silver, gold, or bronze-tinted shoes. These can be sparkly or matte, and would be a good choice with a bold-coloured dress, like a bright blue or red.


Wearing party heels is different from wearing other shoes. The elevated heel puts a lot of your weight on the balls and toes of your foot.

Though it might be tempting to choose a shoe only for its look, it's important to take comfort into consideration. You will be standing, walking and dancing for hours in these shoes.

It makes sense to look into buying shoes that were made for dancing, like Burju Shoes. Companies like this are aware of the needs of dancers who want both a formal look and the comfort to be able to move without pain in their feet.


Of course, you could trek all over town to various shops to find your shoes. Or you could check out reliable online shoe stores, like Burju Shoes.

Compare carefully as you shop online. Factor in the time and cost of shipping, and how well the shoes might fit. Read reviews, especially those that refer to how the shoes fit and feel.

When you're shopping for your prom shoes, keep in mind that you're making an investment. Think about the likelihood that you'll wear these shoes in the future. You won't be in school forever. You'll be going to weddings and perhaps other formal events in the years to come. Choose a pair of shoes that you love and that you'll love wearing.

Walking—and Dancing—in Heels

Make sure you give yourself some time to practice walking, standing and, of course, dancing, in your new shoes.

Walking in heels requires you to shift your weight forward, like walking on your tippy toes. You'll feel much more stable and able when you get this down. Spiked heels especially require you to keep your weight on the balls of your feet. The heels are not meant to support you.


Your prom shoes are an important part of your overall look for prom. And they can be a valuable investment that will stand ready in your closet for future formal events. Choose for comfort as well as style, and you'll have the best night of your high-school life.

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