What Heels Should I Wear Today? Knowing What's Appropriate for Every Occasion

What Heels Should I Wear Today? Knowing What's Appropriate for Every Occasion

What Heels Should I Wear Today? Knowing What's Appropriate for Every Occasion

Have you ever had the perfect outfit, but then you're not sure what shoes to wear with it? Are these heels too high for this occasion? Are these heels classy enough? Of course, you always want to look and feel your best. We are here to solve your crisis! Below we have provided a guide on what heels are appropriate for a variety of different occasions.

Out on the Town 

Wedge Heels 

Wedge heels are good for a night out on the town because of their comfort and stability. 

They won't hurt your feet and will keep you balanced throughout the night. They also tend to pair wellwith sporty dresses.

Cork High Heels

The name comes from the material used on the bottom part of the shoe, cork. These shoes are good for running around or a night on the town because the cork material offers some cushion with each step.

The Formal Affair


Stilletos are most commonly worn to formal parties because of their sexy style. They also tend to be very tall, making it uncomfortable for a work shoe or for an informalparty.

Ballroom Heels

Ballroom heels offer ankle straps and a closed heel. Ballroom heels are typically worn for special occasions such as prom or weddings since they are good for dancing.

The Chunky Heel 

These heels are good for chic formal parties because of their square base. The base makes it easy to be on your feet and walk around because it provides more stability than shoes with thinner heels.

Working Woman

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are for those who do not prefer to wear heels because they are uncomfortable. With their short heel lengths, these shoes are perfect for work parties or casual outings and allow you to walk around for hours without the pain of regular high heels.

Ankle Strap Heels

Because they match well with jeans and a dress shirt, ankle strap heels are good for work. Ankle strap heels also have excellent foot support and help relieve some of the symptoms of too much foot pressure.

Platform Heels

These shoes are more commonly worn by business women in fitted suits or classy dresses. These types of heels, unlike any other type, have a platform placed underneath the sole of the shoe. Because of this, platform heels tend to be more comfortable because the top of the heel and the bottom of the sole are closer than in other types of high heels.

Oxford Heels

Oxford heels are usually paired with a pair of fitted pants and a button-down shirt, good for any professional.

Spool Heels

Spool heels are good for high heel beginners because they are comfortable and provide stability for those still learning to walk in heels. Spool heels pair well with casual office outfits.

Casual Days

Sandal Heels

These heels are good for casual occasions since they look like regular sandals with a heel attached to the bottom. Sandal heels pair great with summer dresses.

Commonly being paired with midi dresses, slingback heels are good for errand running, running around town, etc. Slingback heels also bring support to the back of your heels

High-Heeled Boots

This style of high heel is best worn during the winter tucked into a pair of skinny jeans. High-heeled boots provide a little edgy and sexy kick to any wardrobe.

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are similar to high-heeled boots, only booties are cut off at the ankles and do not go all the way up to the knee. Booties are good for fall and spring when you don't need the length of the high-heeled boot.

Lace Up Corset Heels

Lace-up corset heels are made up of two divided halves of a shoe that are then laced together like a traditional corset. These heels pair well with shorts or rolled up pants.

Cone Heels

Cone heels are wider near the sole of the shoe and thinner near the base. Because of this, they give the foot more support, making them a good shoe to be worn all day. These heels pair well with casual, every day looks.


Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heels provide a little gap at near the toe of the shoe that allows a few toes to be seen. These shoes are good for any occasion where you would wear leather and/or a skirt since that is what they are typically paired with. Also good for anyone looking to

show off a new pedicure!

Cut Out Heels

Cut out heels can vary in length and have effects cut into them. With holes throughout the shoe, these heels pair well with chic summer outfits.

French Heels

French heels are also known as Louis or Pompadour heels and were a trend back in the olden days that is making a comeback. French heels can add some vintage flair to any outfit.

Espadrille Heels

Espadrille heels are new to the scene and are becoming increasingly more popular. The heels of these shoes are made from natural fibers while the upper part is made from different types of materials like cloth and leather. These shoes are good for a variety of occasions like a night out or for a long day at work because of the amount of comfort and support they give.

All women know that different occasions call for different shoes, but knowing which ones are appropriate for each different occasion is hard. That is why we have provided this ultimate guide to high heels and the appropriate times to wear them and the best outfits to wear them with to keep you looking your best for every occasion.

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