Up Close & Personal with Fox’s Rosewood Actress Jaina Lee Ortiz

Up Close & Personal with Fox’s Rosewood Actress Jaina Lee Ortiz

Original post from 2017

Actress Jaina Lee Ortiz from the hit TV series Rosewood on Fox is certainly one to watch these days. Not only does she have a fabulous sense of fashion (…in her Burju Shoes), but she’s got the attitude, dedication and style we all aspire to reach.

Born on an Army base in California and raised in the Bronx by first generation Puerto Rican parents, Jaina spent years mastering Salsa at a local dance studio and soon began instructing and performing internationally by her early teens. However, the talented dancer held a deeper passion within - acting - and was determined to make it in Hollywood!

While training at Maggie Flanigan Studios, Jaina specialized in the Meisner acting technique and took on small roles in off-Broadway productions before relocating to California to cast in the VH1 reality show, Scream Queens 2. As a season finalist, this opened doors to shoot multiple national television commercials and other acting jobs. In March of 2015, Jaina landed the lead role in the popular TV series Rosewood on Fox and the rest is history!

We caught up with this Latina bombshell to reveal some of her favorite beauty, fitness and fashion secrets!

BURJU: What is your beauty secret?

JAINA: My beauty secret is sunscreen. I usually never leave the house without applying sunscreen. And moisturizer! I’m really big on moisturizing after I shower. Nothing’s healthier than soft, hydrated skin.

BURJU: What beauty product can you not live without?

JAINA: Obviously sunscreen. Then my second choice would be lipgloss. I even keep extra lipgloss in my car and apply it every time I get in. A girl can never have enough lipgloss! I personally love the Victoria’s Secret sparkly ones. They smell delicious.

BURJU: What item in your closet do you wear the most?

JAINA: Jeans! Since my wardrobe mainly consists of jeans, tank tops and jackets on Rosewood, I’ve been exposed to so many different brands. My ultimate favorite are Paige jeans. They are magical. Try a pair, you won’t want to wear anything else!

BURJU: What is your style philosophy?

JAINA: I’m pretty simple. I’m recently being introduced to the fashion world having to attend red carpet events - so I’m not afraid to take risks, yet I love a style that’s classic, elegant and timeless.

BURJU: What is your fitness routine?

JAINA: Gym, gym, gym. When I decided to leave my dance career and pursue acting full time, I went from dancing 4 days a week to not moving my body at all. It was a bit shocking at first because I lost a lot of muscle and my body had never been familiar with any other physical activity. So the gym has been my dance replacement ever since. I do weights and cardio and when I want to switch it up, I’ll take hot yoga, kick boxing and circuit training classes.

BURJU: What is your happy place?

JAINA: My bed. I absolutely love my bed and I can easily sleep for 8-10 hours whenever possible.

BURJU: How do you relieve stress?

JAINA: I organize anything that’s messy. Something about rearranging and sorting things around my house is very therapeutic for me. And once I’m done I like to light a candle, make some tea and enjoy a new T.V. show.

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