Time For New Shoes? 6 Reasons To Choose Burju Shoes

Time For New Shoes? 6 Reasons To Choose Burju Shoes

Time For New Shoes? 6 Reasons To Choose Burju Shoes

How many times have those high heels turned into a night of torture, ruining what was supposed to be an incredible evening? Have you ever spent days, weeks, or months looking for the perfect shoe for a special occasion only to compromise on a disappointing "runner-up" pair?

Are you a dancer who too often has had to choose between sexy and fierce or plain but wearable. We believe that shoes should be a joyful experience. Wearing them should evoke your best self without compromise. Everyone deserves to feel fabulous in a pair of shoes, and everyone deserves to be comfortable and completely supported in those shoes.

1. Your Shoes Should Look Amazing

Shoes say something about you. Not only should they be the perfect complement for your attire, but they should reflect your fabulous personality. We all dream about those perfect shoes!

2. Your Shoes Should Feel Amazing

Too often, there seems to be an inverse beauty-to-pain ratio with shoes. The sexier the shoe, the more pain it will deliver. What good are beautiful shoes if you have to kick them off at the first opportunity?

3. Burju Delivers On Style And Comfort

At Burju, we believe it is possible to have beauty and comfort, and we prove it every day. Can shoes be powerful, sexy, and love your feet? Yes, they can.

Our shoes are designed to please you in every way. We don't like compromise, and we want you to be more than satisfied. We want you to be delighted with your shoes.

Burju shoes were born out of the gap between comfort and beauty. They were conceived and developed by a dancer who was tired of the insufficient choices she had in dance shoes.

4. And Beyond Comfort...

More than just the stuff of dreams, shoes fulfill a tough but important job. Shoes—and the feet in them—are subject to many biomechanical effects. The simple act of walking subjects our feet to all kinds of stress, from the toes to the heels.

Ankles and arches keep us upright while being ready to flex at any moment. In addition, our feet must bear the weight of our bodies while maintaining enough flexibility for movement. Awkward foot positioning can also affect the whole body, and long-term injuries can be a result.

Dancing feet are dealing with a whole new level of impact and potentially damaging motion. Repetitive pounding and twisting motions are tough on feet and shoes. Dancing is a high impact activity!

Dancers are subject to many injuries, and they are often caused by the wrong footwear. Often, dancers have to make an agonizing decision between two very important aspects of their art.

They have to decide between sacrificing comfort for gorgeous shoes that flatter their dance attire or shoes comfortable but painfully boring shoes.

In choosing comfort over beauty, they are stuck with shoes that don't inspire them or electrify their dance moves.

5. What A Great Pair Of Shoes Can Do

Ask most women which part of their wardrobe makes them feel most sexy, and you'll invariably hear about their shoes. A body may not be built for skinny jeans or midriff tops, but shoes never let us down. Shoes can make you feel feminine and powerful. Slipping into an amazing pair of shoes can immediately brighten your mood and pump up your self-esteem.

An exquisite, well-built shoe is a work of art. A work of art that seamlessly combines form and function. It's not a wonder that so many women have an obsession with shoes. At Burju, we share that obsession. Our high-quality shoes are built to be durable, comfortable, and eye-catchingly gorgeous.

Dance The Night Away

At Burju, we offer a unique line of street appropriate fashion shoes in addition to our range of dazzling professional dance shoes. Shoes can be customized with street soles (suitable for all surfaces or with suede soles for use on the dance floor.

Whether on the dance floor or the stage, you won't go unnoticed in Burju dance shoes. You'll feel fierce, and so will your feet! Burju Dance Shoes are the Choice for Professionals

Our dance shoes are working shoes. They perform. We are proud that Burju shoes have been worn by professionals like Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and JLO. Burju dance shoes have graced and supported the feet of outstanding performers.

Shoes That Are As Unique As You

Are you looking for unique characteristics in your shoes that you just can't find? At Burju, just tell us what you want, and you'll have a custom shoe made to your specifications. You pick a style. You choose the heel height. You pick a color and select your size. You choose either a sole made for all surfaces or suede for the dance floor only.

Incredible Selection

At Burju, we have a shoe for every occasion. Our fashion shoes feature an exciting range from flats to stilettos to over-the-knee boots.

We have dance shoes for every kind of dance from Ballroom to Salsa and everything in between.

Our dance shoes are made for performance. They are designed to cradle the foot with crucial support. Light but sturdy construction and pillow-soft insoles will have you dancing on air.

High-quality construction is the hallmark of all Burju shoes. Our vegan shoes are built with the same attention to detail, using manmade materials that don't undermine beauty or comfort.

High quality and luxury usually go hand-in-hand with high prices. This isn't the case at Burju.

6. We Are Committed

At Burju, we want happy customers who are glad they found us! We will work with you until you have exactly what you want. We don't believe in compromise in shoes or in service. We strive to provide excellent products and excellent service at an excellent price.

We are committed to building strikingly beautiful shoes that your feet will love you for. We are also committed to making our shoes available to everyone, and our prices reflect that commitment. We want to welcome you to the Burju website. We are sure you'll understand why we are so darn proud of our shoes!

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