The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing, Wearing, and Caring For High Heels

The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing, Wearing, and Caring For High Heels

High heels are not just your ordinary footwear. They are stylish, functional, and close to sacred for people who love to live in them. Whether you have your favorite pair of high heels, dozens of high heels, or are just looking to start wearing high heels; we have compiled this brief guide on how to purchase high heels, pair them with the right outfit and occasion, and maintain to last as long as they possibly can. We know you either do or will love your high heels and want to help you make the most of them!

What Should You Look For When Purchasing A Comfortable Pair Of High Heels?

Personal tastes play an important factor when purchasing a pair of high heels. However, there are several essential factors one needs to consider when purchasing a comfortable pair of high heels. Here are just three of them:


Getting the fit right is crucial. Always check the sizing guide- not all shoes fit the same. Select a heel height you're comfortable with.

Expert Tip: While most brands, recommend sizing at the end of the day when your feet are swollen, the best time to check is early afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen but not too much. If you check your size in the morning, you run the risk of buying shoes that are too small for your feet. And if you check your size in the evening or late afternoon, you run the risk of buying shoes that are too loose for dancing especially when you’ve broke them in.

Check out our sizing video below.


The next most important thing is comfort. For dancing, choose suede or light and smooth rubber. High heels that come with a small platform near the toe are more comfortable to wear. Check if the heels offer adequate cushioning near the balls of your feet - this prevents aching from constant usage.


Black Sexy Strappy Heels for Dance

Once you have determined a comfortable, well-fitting pair of shoes, pay attention to the style that best suits your feet, personality, and needs. If your purpose for buying shoes is to wear out with friends at night, clunkier and more embellished models might be for you. However, if you are looking for the perfect practice shoe, you may opt for a sleek neutral black or nude heel. You can also expand your shoe collection later, but these are the best options, to begin with.

On What Occasions Should Certain High-Heeled Shoes Be Worn?

For high-heel lovers, every day is an occasion for heels! However, if you would rather keep them for special occasions, here are tips on what heels to wear for certain occasions:

  • Kitten heels – Ideal for work events and small parties
  • Stilettos and cone heels – Best suited for formal events and nights at the club
  • Wedges – Perfect for casual parties or a brunch or a get-together
  • Platform heels – Comfortable enough for everyday use

What Outfits Should Certain High-Heeled Shoes Be Worn With?

While it is true you can always create your own ensemble; certain high-heeled shoes pair best with certain outfits. For example:

  • Kitten heels – Pair with office wear, pencil skirts, or slim-cut trousers.
  • Stilettos and cone heels – Pair with short skirts, dresses, or cropped pants.
  • Wedges – Pair with jeans, shorts, pantsuits, or your favorite little black dress - versatile!
  • Platform heels – Pair with skirts, maxi dresses, ripped jeans, cropped pants, and loose joggers.

10 Steps To Taking Care Of Your High Heels: How To Keep Them Looking New For Years To Come

High heels are not impulse buys. They can be investments that never go out of style. With classic, timeless heels, we cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of your pair of high heels. However, we have compiled these tips to help you care for your heels:

How To Clean And Care For Your Dance Shoes

1. Clean Regularly

Just like any premium footwear, high heels need to be cleaned regularly. With general cleaning, it is advisable to use a barely damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of your heels and let them dry. If there are any stains the damp cloth cannot get off, scrub gently with a pinch of baking soda.

2. Avoid Driving In High Heels

Driving involves putting a lot of pressure on your feet. Wearing heels while driving puts your high heels on the receiving end of pressure. It is highly likely this pressure could damage or cause them to snap. Switch to flat, secure shoes when driving, both for safety and for preserving your favorite heels.

3. Antiperspirant Is Your Friend

If you are going to be wearing your heels for the entire day, it is almost inevitable your feet will sweat. Over time, this could make your high heels smell and could even damage the leather. To avoid this, spray or run antiperspirant on your feet before you slip them into your heels. It is a simple trick, but the benefits far outweigh the few seconds this daily practice takes!

4. Treat The Bad Odor

Despite this, it is possible your heels could eventually start to smell. Thankfully, there is a way to correct this. Sprinkling baking soda on the insides of your heels and leave it overnight helps! The baking soda absorbs all the dirt and eliminates the bad odor. Wipe it off in the morning with a soft cloth and your shoes should smell as good as new!

5. Store Them In A Closet

The bottom shelf of your wardrobe is ideal for your regular footwear. Your heels deserve a space of their own if you want them to last for years in perfect shape. Invest in a small set of shelves exclusively for your high heels and put in a small packet of silica gel, because storing them together in this manner helps them stay dry and prevents outside elements from interfering.

6. Give Them A Day Off

Sure, you may love your high heels so much you would not mind wearing them every single day. However, that is a sure way to damage them. Swap them out for other footwear occasionally. One way to do this but still wear your favorite kind of heels is to get a few more pairs and rotate them through the week.

7. Dry Your Heels Thoroughly

If your heels get soaked in the rain or if you wet them by walking into a puddle, it is not a good idea to dry them out in the sun or use a hair dryer to air them dry - especially if they are made from leather. Instead, let your high heels dry slowly and evenly - preferably indoors in a spot that is naturally airy.

8. Replace Worn-Out Heels

Despite minute attention to detail, your heels get worn down eventually. If you have a pair that needs care, take them to a cobbler to replace the worn-out heel with a heel-tip replacement. These are inexpensive at around $5. You could even do it yourself if you have a pair of pliers!

9. Invest In A Conditioner

There are conditioners manufactured to keep your leather high heels in perfect condition. They protect new heels and restore older leather heels by softening the material and improving its flexibility. Conditioners also offer a protective, water-repelling layer on leather heels.

10. Get A Heel Protector

A heel protector is a protective plastic cap that goes over the heel and keeps it from suffering through all the wear and tear that comes with frequent use. While it is true some people do not find heel protectors aesthetically pleasing, there is no denying their effectiveness in protecting your footwear and extending their usability. It is worth looking into, though. You could always put it on and take it off as desired.


Ultimately, remember comfort and fit are as important as style. If you find a pair of high heels you are comfortable in, use these tips to purchase, wear, and care for them. If you follow these tips and do not settle for a low-quality pair of shoes, your investment heels will last and be your favorite go-to shoes for years to come!

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