The Amazing Stories Behind Your Favorite Dance Styles

The Amazing Stories Behind Your Favorite Dance Styles


Influenced by African drum rhythms, Spanish guitar music, Latin dances from Cuba and Puerto Rico and even the disco music of 1970s New York. 


Came from African cultures that were rich in celebratory and sacred dances. Through the slave trade these migrated to America and eventually hit Broadway. 


A fusion of different rhythmic dance styles including African-American social dances, English clog dancing and Irish jigs.

Our favorite dance story.

Vogue originated within Black and Latino LGBTQ communities in Harlem, New York. From the 1960s to the 1980s, drag competitions called "balls" took place where vogue battles became popular. The vogue style borrowed poses from high fashion and ancient Egyptian art, using elaborate hand gestures and moves. The winner was the person who "threw the best shade". We love it! 

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