Need an excuse to get your groove on during lockdown?

Need an excuse to get your groove on during lockdown?

Need an excuse to get your groove on during lockdown?

One of the most annoying things about the lockdown is that you have nowhere to go and nothing to dress up for.

But here's the thing:

- you shouldn't let that stop you from having fun in

- your beautiful Burjus!

Here are some awesome excuses to slip those babies on and strut your stuff...

1. If needed, break in those new shoes now

By wearing them around the house. By the time quarantine ends, they'll fit like a glove! Get used to walking and dancing in your new heels, especially if you recently bought a customized shoe from Burju and you chose a different heel height than you're used to.

2. Start planning your end-of-quarantine party outfits!

When the lockdown ends everyone will be partying their asses off (including us!) and you’ll need some gorgeous new footwear to step out in. We’ve got your back on this. Head over to the site and you’ll find some really awesome discounts on all your favorite shoes. Yasss!

3. Feel beautiful, strong and sassy, even if it's just on a video call.

There's no rule that says you can't wear power shoes for that important Zoom meeting, even if nobody can see them!

4. Make videos for Instagram or TikTok!

We want to see you dancing in your Burjus, unboxing them, or doing anything creative with them that you think the rest of the crew would enjoy. We’ll be watching and reposting as much as we can.

5. Spring clean those shoes

(Trust us, it’s important!). If you've been following our Shoe School series, you'll know a ton of neat tricks to keep those Burjus fresh and clean. Here's a little reminder of our top tricks:

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