Is It Possible to Wear Heels and Avoid the Pain That Comes with It?

Is It Possible to Wear Heels and Avoid the Pain That Comes with It?

Is It Possible to Wear Heels and Avoid the Pain That Comes with It?

Heels and pain are known to go hand in hand. Does this hold true for all heels? These head-turning, stroll spicing, leg-lengthening beauties add a touch of flair to your float. They dramatize femininity and project power, but is it possible to wear them and avoid the pain that comes with it? Let's take a look.

Why Women Choose Heels

Would you laugh if we told you high heels were once for men? It's true, but while much has changed in the dress code for most men since the 1700s, high heels continue to be the go-to favorite for women when they desire to reflect style and sophistication. But why? Maybe there's something about their historical ties to the aristocrat as an indication of wealth and upper-class status that secretly intrigues us.

It could be the Cinderella phenomenon that instantly sweeps you from the kitchen to bell-of-the-ball just by slipping into a beautiful pair of heels. Or is it the way others stare in awe and take note of your presence that makes you feel both powerful and sensual when you step on the scene in a fierce stiletto? It could be as simple as high heels make you taller, accentuate your calf muscle and draw eyes to the appearance of long legs. Maybe it's because they just look good.

Does Heel Height Matter?

Finding the perfect heel can pose a challenge if you don't know what to look for. From pumps to stilettos, some suggest it may be easier than you think. Using a three-step formula connected to your foot shape, a top podiatrist, Emma Supple, says it's easy to discover your perfect heel height.

So how do you measure your PHH?

1) Take off your shoes, sit down and hold one leg straight out in front of you keeping your foot relaxed. If your foot sits at a right angle to your leg without dangling, then you have less mobility and will be more comfortable in a pair of flats. However, if the top of your foot follows the line of your leg, then you are a natural heel wearer.

2) You’ll need a friend for this next part. To find your ideal heel height, get someone to place a tape measure from your heel in a straight line on the floor, then place a pencil at the ball of your foot at right angles to the tape.

3) Wherever the tape measure hits the pencil reveals your PHH. While this simple formula can help you select the best height, There's simply more to wearing heels than height alone.

The right heels for the right purpose will boost your height and your confidence.

How to Take Care of Your Heels (and Your Feet)

To begin with, you'll need to regularly pamper and indulge your feet and your heels. The same way you soak and exfoliate your feet, you also need to manage your heel hygiene. Both need to be kept clean and smelling fresh. While for your feet, soap and water will suffice, airing out your heels takes baking soda to eliminate foul smells. 

Both need to be cool and dry to air out properly. Then, just as your feet require sturdy protection to stay safe, you will need to get a sturdy shoe organizer to keep those shoes safe! Keeping your feet healthy takes work, and the same goes for your heels.

Proper Heel Etiquette

Some haven't mastered walking in them, but dancing in high heels takes an altogether different skill set. Bottom line, Whether for dance or everyday wear, you've got to be able to stand, walk, and move in them. The key to breaking the code on heels is to start low and work your way up in height. Ankle support is critical. As your comfort level increases, you'll find it easier to saunter and strut across the floor effortlessly.

There's no doubt strategizing, and negotiating cracks and crevices can make a simple stroll down the sidewalk an arduous adventure without proper technique and confidence. Posture is paramount. Why wear heels if you're going to scrunch over and hold your knees bent? Squeezing your shoulder blades together and leading with your hips will help you stand tall. A strong core and legs are important for balance. Follow these steps, and soon you'll glide with attitude.

The Perks of a Well-Coordinated Pair of Pumps

From evening gowns to skinny jeans, a great pair of heels can polish any look. While the matchy-matchy dress and heels look has its appeal, it can leave you a day late and a dollar short if you're operating on a tight budget. Not to worry, there are other options. Try selecting standard colors that can transcend outfits. Colors can also vary in shade and standout. Mixing textures can add a subtle twist. Make a statement by mixing prints and patterns. Adding a matching accessory, like a handbag, can bring your outfit together in a special way, and you can use it interchangeably to achieve a different look, despite the outfit color.

Why You Should Consider Burju

Regarding our original concern about the possibility of wearing heels and avoiding pain, the answer is yes. With Burju, you can wear heels and be comfortable. That is exactly what owner/designer, Burju Perez, questioned as a professional Salsa/Mambo dancer for over 15 years. Today, Burju shoes are known for quality, support, comfort, and durability. They're made so you can Tango, Salsa, and always put your best foot forward on the dance floor, with an added flair for fashion. Burju makes it possible for dancers to look as amazing as they move.

Think you're going to saunter over to the local mall or store to get what you need? You'll have a tough time finding an equal to the Burju design and comfort and may find yourself stuck with a cheap knock-off and sore feet. You deserve heels that are sexy but still comfortable. If you're preparing for your wedding or prom, you may have something specific in mind like a unique shoe style or color. Don't waste hours on end searching in stores and online when Burju can customize exactly what you want in the perfect color and perfect heel that is still comfortable and stylish. Saving time and money, what could be better? After all, you deserve to be a showstopper.

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