How to Walk Tall in Heels

How to Walk Tall in Heels

How to Walk Tall in Heels

Take the right steps.

Take smaller steps than usual to keep your balance. Each step should involve a move from heel to toe with a bit of a twist. Don’t rush it - take your time when walking.

Choose the right heel.

Burju’s heels have been made with a heel angle that’s optimized for stability. Choose a height that you’re comfortable with and move to higher heels as you get more confident.

Go chunky if needed.

Choosing a chunkier heel over a thin stiletto will give you more stability and will make walking in your heels much easier.

Engage your core.

Pull your stomach in towards your spine and activate your core muscles. You’ll find balancing in heels much easier when your core is engaged.

Loosen up.

The rest of your body should be relaxed and loose. We have a habit of tensing or stiffening up when we’re not feeling confident. So relax, let go and keep your steps loose and natural.

Get the right fit.

A snug fit is better than a loose fit when it comes to walking properly in heels. A large number of Burju’s shoes come with adjustable straps, making it easier for you to adjust to a snug fit.

We hope those tips helped. Don’t forget we have a ton of stunning heels over at the store and all of them have been made with padding, support and durability that makes walking in them a piece of cake. 
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