How to throw an online party

How to throw an online party

With the lockdown in full swing, it seems like absolutely everyone is partying online at the moment (just ask DJ D-Nice, who had 100,000 people attend his live DJ set recently, including Oprah, Rihanna, Will Smith and Missy Elliott!).

We LOVE to party here at Burju and we’ve got it down to a fine art. Here are our top 3 tips for throwing an incredible online gathering:

1. Pick a theme for your party

What’s your party about? Some ideas include: happy hour, dinner party, dance party, pijama party, wine tasting party or watch party. Get creative and choose something fun!

2. Decide on rules

These can be fun rules, like anyone who talks about work has to take a shot. You could all taste the same bottle of wine or eat the same dish. We love the idea of having a dress code - it’s a fantastic excuse to slip on those beautiful Burjus and show them off!

3. Choose your software

What are you using to throw your party? Make sure it’s a platform that can support the number of guests you’ve invited. Some popular video call platforms include: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, group FaceTime, and the new Houseparty app. Hot tip: if you want to have a watch party, try the Netflix Party extension in Chrome.

4. Send out your invites

Just like a normal party, you need to create hype and go all-out on your invites! Remember to include your theme and your rules, along with instructions on how to connect.

There you have it! Some awesome tips for your next online party. From all of us here at Burju, enjoy!

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