How to Find the Perfect Shoes for Graduation

How to Find the Perfect Shoes for Graduation

How to Find the Perfect Shoes for Graduation

Prom has come and gone. You've left your yearbook quote as a mark for your classmates to enjoy for a lifetime. Your next high school milestone, a day you've been anticipating for almost twelve years, is on the horizon. You were able to sign on the invitations and easily choose an after-graduation party venue, so why does it seem so difficult to figure out what to wear? The school already informed you about the theme or what to wear, but what about your feet? Choosing the perfect shoes for graduation isn't supposed to be such a challenge.

Why Do Shoes Matter?

Your clothes are draped with a full-length gown, and your hair is topped with a cap. All the time and effort you've invested into selecting just the right outfit to command attention—only for it to be hidden. But your shoes, on the other hand—laced, buckled or slipped into, must go on. It's your graduation, after all, and the right shoes can turn heads the moment you step onto the stage. So choose carefully!

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Graduation

  • First and foremost, choosing a safe pair of shoes should be at the top of your list. A medical boot is not the preferred way to start your post-grad summer.
  • If your shoes are new, give them a test run before strutting across the stage. New shoes can be uncomfortable when first worn.
  • What you sneak on your feet should be comfortable, yet professional. Ditch the sneakers and high tops. It's graduation for goodness sake!
  • You don't have to be all matchy-matchy. Your shoes can stand on their own two feet (literally!) There's no need to wear your school colours on your feet.
  • If you want to add a bit of height, think 'wedges.' Wedges will simplify your balancing act and give you the taller look you so desire.
  • Pumps not only look great and feel comfortable, but they are just the right amount of 'professional' that you'll want to present at graduation.
  • Leave your boots for combat. Graduation might not be the best place for your Doc Martens and a dress or skirt.

Important Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Choosing the perfect graduation shoes is important for more than just looks. There are other factors you want to consider that may be the difference in your footwear choice.

Length of Graduation

Let's face it, no matter how many students are scheduled to walk across that stage, the graduation ceremony is a long process. With the processions, long speeches and keynote address, you should expect to be there for at least two hours. That's more than enough time to feel the torturous squeeze of an uncomfortable pair of shoes. This is exactly why comfort matters.

Location of Graduation

While some choose to graduate from the high school auditorium, a church, or even a convention centre, many schools across the nation send off their new graduates right from their good ol' high school football stadium. And what does that mean for you? In many cases, it means grass. Walking across grass in cleats is one thing, but when you're trying to look your best and keep it professional, it's a whole other ball game. Make sure your footwear matches the venue.

After Graduation Plans

Before you Beyonce' sashay across the stage or roll' up with the swagger of Lebron, check your post-graduation plans. What you have on your feet for graduation may impact what you can do afterwards. How so? A fun family picnic won't be the same with swollen feet. Regardless of whether or not you go anywhere, after all of your classmates clear the stage and you toss your cap into the sky, the next 30 minutes to an hour will be filled with picture taking, shaking hands, and greeting families. Trust us when we say you will be on your feet for a long time.

On the Fence About Your Graduation Shoes?

If you think you've selected the perfect pair of shoes, don't settle until you've read these final thoughts.

Sandals or No Sandals?

Some throw sandals into the same category with tennis shoes as a definite 'no' for graduation attire. But is that the final judgment on the matter? For males, it would be a good idea to steer clear of sandals, and hopefully, Birkenstocks aren't on your list. However, depending on where you live, particularly if you are in warmer areas, rocking a cute pair of sandals for graduation just may be what the doctor ordered. The look can be fashionable, comfortable and easy to manage. Plus, today's sandals come in so many varieties; they are a definite graduation option worth considering.

What about High Heels?

If you're thinking about strutting across the stage in a swanky pair of show-stopping stilettos, please halt. Before you twist an ankle or take a tumble up the stairs emblazoning a vivid and lasting memory in the minds of your classmates, family members, and your school's entire staff, think twice. While a bangin' pair of high heels can set you apart from the pack, you wouldn’t want it because you can't walk in them. Not to mention, if your ceremony is on a lawn, the balancing act and effort needed to keep from poking holes with every step is one you can do without.

The Perfect Shoes for Graduation Night

So, now you have a clear idea of what not to wear on your feet for graduation night. It may seem that we've cancelled out your top options, but that's not so. The perfect pair of shoes are out there—straps, pumps, mules, even flats. You want to slay. You need to feel comfortable. You want scene-stealing shoe-ware, and you don't have to sacrifice your look for comfort.


There's no doubt that choosing the perfect shoes for graduation night can pose a challenge. We get it! High school graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime event that comes with decisions. On the one hand, you want to stand out, but on the other hand, you want comfort. This is your day. You've earned the right to adorn your feet with your signature sass. So, have fun and make memories!

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