Everything You Should Know About Height-Lifting Shoe Insoles

Everything You Should Know About Height-Lifting Shoe Insoles

Everything You Should Know About Height-Lifting Shoe Insoles

Have you ever thought you might have better opportunities if you were taller? You would stand out more, be taller than women in heels, and have a stronger physical presence overall. Maybe elevator shoes aren't your style, and you just want something you can easily add to your favourite style of shoes for confidence and height. Height-lifting shoe insoles can help you achieve a height that is not obviously artificial. This is everything you should know about height-lifting shoe insoles.

What Are Height-Lifting Shoe Insoles?

Height-lifting shoe insoles are a modern invention from historically less-fashionable height enhancing shoes. Height-lifting insoles provide an extra few inches to the wearer's height in a discrete and stylish manner. Insoles easily and comfortably provide height for any shoe. Best of all, nobody will notice you are wearing them.

Height-lifting shoes of the past were platforms or elevator shoes. Royalty and nobles were known to wear high-heels to increase their height and social status. These styles of height enhancing shoes are mostly obsolete. Platforms went out with disco, and elevator shoes have a bulky look that doesn't suit modern sensibilities.

Height-lifting shoe insoles are just like any other common product that enhances your looks or appeal. First impressions can impact your social status, and products like perfume, a slim-fitting suit, or hair dye help you maintain an appealing look in social situations. Height enhancement does not have to be any different.

Connection Between Height and Status

Sadly, short people sometimes lose out to taller people in jobs, social events, and relationships. We see taller people as physically stronger, more capable, and sometimes intimidating. On average, height correlates directly to status with taller people earning more and having better employment and educational opportunities. There is no reason to let opportunities pass you by when you can wear height-lifting insoles. Even if you are average height, you can get an advantage over the competition with insoles.

Celebrities Use Height-Lifting Shoes?

Would you believe that some of the best-known action movie stars have worn height-lifting insoles at the top of their career? When Hollywood actors play strong and confident characters on screen, we don't realise they sometimes need a boost in height to portray their character. Celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, and even Vin Diesel wear height-lifting shoes.

Top-performing artists like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd use height-lifting shoes to increase their presence on stage and during award shows. Other notable actors using height-lifts include Ryan Gosling, Robert De Niro, and Adam Sandler.

Thinking About Height-Lifting Shoe Insoles?

How Do They Look?

Modern height-lifting shoe insoles do not broadcast themselves to everyone around you. They are not bulky and obvious like height-lifting shoes were years ago. Modern insoles fit in your favourite shoe discretely. The insole gives the illusion of natural height. Friends and family might notice that you are a little taller, but with a modest height increase, they will not perceive that you are using height-lifting insoles.

The insoles fit in your everyday shoes and can be worn with almost every style. You can use the insoles in your favourite brand shoes because you can swap them, unlike built-in elevator shoes. You can use them with multiple shoes.

When to Wear Them?

You can wear Height-lifting shoe insoles every day, but you should not wear them while doing sports or working out. They design sneakers for specific purposes, and adding insoles may cause injury to your ankle.

Height matters in how people perceive you, so height-lifting insoles are perfect for social events. Taller people have a stronger presence, and height-lifting insoles can help you achieve that stronger presence. Wearing the insoles to an interview, public speaking event, or party can give you confidence and put above the competition.

What To Look For?

A great height-lifting shoe insole can really improve your life. Look for a durable insole that resists moisture to get the most use out of them. Start with a one-inch height increase to acclimate to the feeling and have a more natural look. Try them out with different shoes and pant lengths if you find that they are noticeable.


The days of bulky and uncomfortable height-lifting shoes are over. Recent height lifting shoe insoles are comfortable enough for everyday use. Height-lifting insoles just slip in and out of your favourite shoes. The insole is a comfortable wedge shape that often feels no different from your normal shoes.

We recommend starting out with a 1- or 2-inch insole, as it is not a dramatic increase. If your feet feel constricted in your shoes, loosen the laces to allow movement and move up a half a shoe size if needed.


Height-lifting shoe insoles rarely require any more maintenance than normal shoes. Insoles are washable with warm water and can air dry. We do not recommend using a machine washer or dryer. Just like your shoes or insoles when they get worn-out, replace height-lifting insoles to ensure proper hygiene. We recommend replacing them every 3 to 6 months, depending on care and use.

Can Height-Lifting Insoles Be Dangerous?

For normal everyday use insoles are not dangerous at all, and they can provide benefits to your feet. Though we don't recommend using them for demanding physical activity, they are perfectly safe for walking and standing. Height-lifting shoe insoles can improve posture and provide relief to tight hips. If you are short in stature, you may also have lower back pain because of a shorter Achilles tendon than average. The insoles can cause the spine to lengthen, release lumbar and spinal load, and provide pelvic support.


We recommend height-lifting shoe insoles to anyone looking to enhance their height. Short people can enjoy the confidence and appearance of height in a natural-looking way. Average and even tall people can use height-lifting insoles to amplify their appearance and beat the competition.

Height-lifting Insoles have really become more discrete and useful in recent years. A quality insole is durable and moisture-free and can provide comfortable and low maintenance height enhancement. Height-lifting shoe insoles have a positive impact on your confidence, social status, and health. There is no reason not to try them out.

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