Everything You Need to Know About Our Top-Selling Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About Our Top-Selling Shoes

Everything You Need to Know About Our Top-Selling Shoes

Are you tired of spending hours in the mall trying on shoes, hunting for that elusive combination of comfort, fit, and style? Let's be real: it's a nightmare. There are the shoes that fit perfectly but are so uncomfortable you have to hide a pair of sneakers in your bag just in case. Then there are the shoes so comfortable they make you want to swoon: too bad they look like they were made for trolls. Then there are the gorgeous, stylish shoes you'd like to display in a cabinet, but they don't come in your size, or they're too uncomfortable to wear.

The answer to your dilemma lies in customized shoes. Stop forever trying to find the perfect combo that doesn't exist. Instead, head over to Burju and order shoes that fit perfectly, are comfortable enough to dance in all night, and are always on the cutting edge of style.

What You Need to Know About Our Top-Selling Shoes

Our Sizing Is Unique

If you're like most women, you've got several shoe sizes in your closet. That's because manufacturers use different standards to arrive at their sizing numbers, and sometimes those numbers can seem almost arbitrary. You always get the best size when you actually measure your foot: and that's how we do shoes at Burju.

While we do have a chart so you can find your general size and convert from US to European sizes, our key sizing feature is the printable chart. Just print it off at 100% scale and use it to measure your precise foot size. That's the way to be sure your shoes fit perfectly. Or, get a tape measure and follow our guide here: https://burjushoes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201882445-Your-Guide-to-perfect-fitting-Burju-Shoes

Our Best-Sellers Are Unique, Too

Fads come and go, and they're characterized by the way those who follow them end up all looking alike. Style is different. Style is timeless, and following style means celebrating what's unique and special about you, including your particular preferences in color and look, while remaining in vogue.

Our top-selling shoes are true to style, not fad. You won't find anything ugly, outdated, or boringly trendy. What you will find are in-style yet unique color choices from a classic black and tan on the Desnudate to the graffiti print of the Sierralynn to the stunning crystal of the Jema.

Our Shoes Can Be Even Better When You Customize

Do you see a fabric you love on a style you hate? Is there a style that seems otherwise perfect, but you'd just like it to have a flared heel instead of a slim? Just ask!

There are always a few limitations when a particular fabric or heel simply won't work with a style. But in most cases, we can switch things up, so you get exactly the shoe you're looking for. Email us, and we'll let you know right away what we can do.

Our Best-Sellers Include Plenty of Vegan-Friendly Options

We love our planet and know you do, too. That's why so many of our best-selling shoes come in vegan leather and suede options. There's no reason you should be forced to sacrifice the beauty and sophistication of suede and leather just because you're uncomfortable with traditional shoe materials.

When you choose vegan leather or suede, you're not sacrificing durability, either. Whatever the material they're made from, all our shoes are sturdy and comfortable and will keep your feet happy whether you're dancing all night or walking all day.

Our Top-Sellers Are Genuinely Comfortable

Too many people believe that comfort and style simply can't go hand in hand. We refuse to be bound by this stereotype. We think you should be able to look great and also do anything you want in your shoes. Most of our designers and creators are (or were) dancers, and we know better than anyone what it's like to be trapped in uncomfortable shoes.

What makes our shoes so comfortable? For one thing, you can customize the style and height of your heel, which means you get the angle that's perfect for your needs. For another, we know that great shoes should be snug but not tight. They need to hug your foot, so you're not clenching your toes in a desperate attempt to keep them on, but they can't be so tight they rub in all the wrong places. Finally, we offer two different soles, so your shoes are always up to the job. The suede soles offer cloud-like comfort on the dance floor, while the street soles give you the support you need to walk around all day.

Our Shoes Are Truly Risk-Free

Great shoes are an investment, and you want to be sure you're getting the right thing before you spend. We understand that, and that's why we partner with Klarna to offer you the option to try before you buy and even pay over time. When you choose Klarna at checkout, you get 30 days to try out your shoes before you make your final decision. Monthly financing through Klarna issued by WebBank, member FDIC. Other CA resident loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law license.

It's a great way to make sure your shoes are as perfect as you hoped or even try out a couple of pairs before choosing the one that's best for you. There's no penalty for doing it this way, and there are no questions asked, either. We want you to be happy with your shoes, full stop. 

Ready for the Perfect Shoes?

Are you sick of trying on shoes and never being able to find the right ones? Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on something that seems right, only to discover after your first night on the dance floor that they actually aren't all the comfortable? We know what that's like, and we started Burju to put an end to it. Check out all of our best-selling shoes at Burju today and see just how easy it is to get your pair of comfortable, stylish shoes.

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