Burju Shoes: Our Top Fashion Items for Women

Burju Shoes: Our Top Fashion Items for Women

Burju Shoes: Our Top Fashion Items for Women

When it comes to shoes, we know our customers have great taste. At Burju Shoes, we design every pair to be both comfortable and fashion-forward. In addition to your feet, we've got your back with our 100% guarantee. Which styles are the best-loved this season? Check out these fashionable favorites:

5 of Our Top Fashion Items for Women

1. The Sierra—Open Toe Lace-Up Shiny Bootie

First, you'll notice the bold vegan leather and the fierce lace details. When you try them on, you'll see that these shoes were designed for maximum ankle support and overall comfort. The mesh cutouts set off the shiny material perfectly, creating a modern design on your feet. It's an unexpected look that everyone loves.

These shoes were designed with your comfort in mind inside and out. On the interior, you can look forward to special padding that molds the shoes to your feet. On the exterior, we've added our special non-slip inner lining so that you can walk with confidence. You can even wear these shoes to dance class. Plus, there are two options when it comes to the heel height: 3.5 or 4 inches.

2. The Alemana—Paint Splash Open Toe Lace-Up Stiletto

When you wear these shoes, they transform into walking art. Their paint-splashed look is both unique and fashionable. It's no wonder they make such a statement—they feature a signature design by the bachata champion Tanja La Alemana. You'll look great in these shoes whether you're walking or dancing the night away.

The laces on these shoes aren't just for looks. They provide the perfect fit. You can adjust them to the shape of your toe cage, meaning that they accommodate people with wide or narrow feet. Best of all, you don't have to worry about lacing them up all the time. These shoes have zippers in the back.

3. The Leilani—Over-the-Knee Stiletto Boot

No one can stop looking at these shoes. Set off a skirt or a pair of shorts with them, and you'll have everyone's eyes on you. Over-the-knee boots have a great look but can present problems with the fit. We've got you covered. These show-stopping stilettos feature a fashionable strap across the top, so they don't slip down. Whether your legs are wide or narrow, you can adjust the laces to get the perfect fit.

These boots provide both style and support. We designed these boots to be every bit as comfortable as they are impressive. They are lightweight so that you can dance and move about freely. Furthermore, you are in charge, especially when it comes to the heel height. Choose between 3.5 and 4 inches.

4. The Tempest—Black Vegan Patent Ankle Boot

The details on these boots are absolutely fabulous. Shiny vegan patent leather and mesh cutouts are a stellar combination. Throw in the stiletto heel, and you've got one knock-out of a boot. These are shoes that will create a storm when you enter the room. You'll love showing off your toes with the peek-a-boo cutout.

Our customers appreciate the feel of these boots as well as they look. The padded interior makes them a joy to wear when you step out. All elements of the design make them very stable on your feet. We especially love their non-slip soles. Also, they feature a reinforced toe bridge and non-slip inner lining.

5. The Sabeena—Open Toe Stretch Lycra Ankle Boot

Sleek and modern, these ankle boots will get you noticed. The crossing strap is a unique element of their design that adds originality and style. It also gives you excellent support where you need it most: your ankles. Why shouldn't a shoe fit like a sock? These boots do just that. You'll love wearing them, but when you're done, you can remove them easily with the back zippers.

Everyone has different preferences, and these boots give you a lot of options. You can choose the size, color, sole type, and heel height. Speaking of the heel, the stiletto sets off the crossing strap perfectly, creating a well-balanced design.

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At Burju, you can browse our galleries, checking out all of the shoes we offer. Both dance enthusiasts and fashionistas alike will love our selection. We make street shoes, dance shoes, and dance shoes with street soles that you can wear anywhere.

See Real Customers Loving Their Burju Shoes

When you visit us, you'll notice that we love the way our customers look in our shoes. You'll find tons of real customer photos on our site and on our Instagram, @burjushoes. The fact that they look good makes us feel good, and we love to show it.

Get Your Celebrity Fix

Our shoes are performance-worthy, as you'll see when you check out photos of all our customers wearing their Burju shoes during their shows. While many of our shoes are designed for dancing, they are great for a variety of performance styles. In our galleries, you'll even see singers setting off their stellar outfits with sparkling, studded shoes from us.

Loved by Many…Waiting for You!

What do all these favorite shoes share in common? They have the most important things you look for when you shop for footwear: unique design, fierce style, uncompromising quality, and excellent support.

We design our shoes so that you can have everything. First, we find the perfect balance between trendy styles and unique design elements. Second, we make sure the shoes we construct feel great on your feet. We think you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort to make a statement with your shoes or love the way you look.

If you think the perfect shoe doesn't exist, you should give ours a try. These shoes are waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? You'll love how you look and feel in your new Burju shoes. Visit Burju Shoes today and find out how comfort, style, and fit can all be found in one shoe.

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