7 Tips To Save Your Feet & Ankles in Heels

7 Tips To Save Your Feet & Ankles in Heels

There's nothing like a pair of heels to elongate your gorgeous gams and make you feel powerful. Let's face it: heels spice up any outfit. You might be so used to hearing that shoe-pain and pleasure are intertwined that you blaze through the long days (and longer nights), shoving your comfort to the side. Only when you arrive home to relax does the pain set in. How relaxing is that?

Stowing band-aids in your bag and switching to flats just doesn't cut it most of the time. You always want to look like the shining star you are. But does it have to hurt? No way! Check out our top seven tips to keep you looking and feeling good in heels.

7 Tips to Save Your Feet & Ankles in Heels

1. Meet Your Sole-Mate

If you have the “no pain, no gain” philosophy with wearing heels, you haven't met your sole-mate brand. The shoes you wear have a major impact on how your feet and ankles feel. Finding the perfect shoe brand is a lot like uniting with the love of your life. It takes a delicate blend of fiery attraction, comfort, and reliability to make the pairing work.

In walks your sole-mate matchmaker, Burju Perez, the Burju owner/designer, and professional Salsa/Mambo dancer. She realized her dream to create a brand of shoes that look and feel incredible even after hours of dancing through the Burju brand. You have absolute control of what your perfect pair looks like, and Burju ensures every pair is worthy of your affection. You get all the quality, support, comfort, and durability you deserve: finally!

2. Decide Size Matters

If you ache after a rendezvous with your shoes, you haven't found the right fit. Ill-fitting heels are one of the biggest reasons you experience pain. Maybe there isn't enough room in width, or perhaps you love the way a shoe looks but can never seem to find your true size.

You are special; your body is unique, and most shoe brands take your individual needs for granted. With Burju, you create your shoe reality from sizing to styling. We work with you to bring your shoe paradise to life. Whether your feet are wide, narrow, or half-sizes, we have customization options that will revolutionize your footwear experience. Burju helps you feel footloose and fancy-free in the process.

3. Mix It Up

Stilettos are sexy; check, but trying to pull off a balancing act in those sky-high stunners, one-hundred percent of the time, can do a number on your feet. It's best to switch up the style and size of your heel throughout the week to avoid foot and ankle pain in heels.

Don't panic. If you've never ventured out of the realm of pencil-thin heels, you have a pleasant surprise coming. We offer a variety of chunky heel styles that are just as extraordinary as your favorite stilettos.

Chunky heels are much more stable than stilettos and look fabulous with a variety of outfits. Alternate between thinner and thicker heel sizes to bring another dimension of comfort to your feet.

4. Shake It Off

As shoe addicts, we totally understand why you live in heels, but also know that it can take a toll on your body. Keep your feet and ankles prepared for their permanently elevated state by taking breaks throughout the day and doing foot exercises when you're off your feet.

There's no shame in taking the occasional break from the street or dancefloor. Your feet are just used to wearing heels that don't have your back. Once you make the switch to Burju, these life-interrupting breaks stop.

Take your heels off, stretch your feet, wiggle your toes, and move your ankles in a circular motion in both directions. This will keep your feet and ankles limber, strong, and equipped to press forward in all your glamorous glory.

5. Seek Support

Sex-appeal comes in all flavors. Sometimes a classic style is just what an outfit calls for. Sleek pumps have a certain je ne sais quoi. Still, other styles are equally attractive in different situations, especially if your feet feel like they need a little extra support or tender loving care.

Strappy heels and booties are an excellent alternative to the classic styles that may help you feel more relaxed at the end of the day. Wearing heels with extra support around the ankle, like heels with straps and boots that cover the ankle, can be a game-changer for your most sensitive spots. If blisters are your bane, more coverage around the ankle can shield your skin from friction while keeping you entirely in-fashion.

6. Create Healthy Foundations

Everything sturdy starts from a strong foundation, be it a house, relationship, job, or your favorite pair of shoes. The sole of your shoe sets the scene for a solid base to thrive from. Heels with more layering on the sole will always create less discomfort on the bottom of your feet.

You know the feeling of wearing a pair of heels that knock your socks visually but have a sole so thin that you feel every nook and cranny of the ground below. When plagued by foot pain, these heels are precisely those to avoid. Burju shoes have extra layers of comfort padding to guarantee every pair is more comfortable than other brands you've worn. Platform heels can boost your comfort even further by creating more distance between your foot and the ground below.

7. Play Peek-a-Boo

Sometimes your toes just want to be free, and an open toe or peep-toe heel is just what the doctor orders in these times. Whether you have a blister or those toes need some breathing room, choosing a convertible heel style can give your toes the space they need.

The Takeaway

Heels and pain don't have to go hand in hand. Burju heels are your perfect match by design. Our website makes it easier than ever to find and customize your ideal match on your own time. We're so convinced that it'll be love at first sight and with your new Burju shoes, that we even let you try before you buy and pay over time. If you're ready to stop suffering, step into Burju style and find your match made in heaven on our website today.

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