6 Reasons You Need Custom-Ordered Shoes for Your Wedding

6 Reasons You Need Custom-Ordered Shoes for Your Wedding

6 Reasons You Need Custom-Ordered Shoes for Your Wedding

Every bride and groom has a vision of their perfect day. From outfits for the entire wedding party to decor, colours, and music. It's no less important to coordinate stylish shoes for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and groomsmen to pull off a picture-perfect wedding day. Brides and grooms need to find shoes they love in colours and styles that fit their attire and are of a high enough quality to let them enjoy themselves well into the night.

Shoes are an important part of creating a stylish look. They are just as important for your wedding. Many people select their shoes from a bridal shop or an online store, but this isn't always the best choice when preparing for your wedding. Custom-ordered shoes provide brides, grooms, and even wedding planners with more options for creating the perfect wedding day. Here are a few reasons you will want to consider ordering customized shoes for your wedding.

1. You're Unique and Your Shoes Should Be, Too

Think of the best weddings you've ever seen. You're probably remembering weddings that stood out from the standard fare we expect from the movies. The best weddings celebrate what makes a couple fabulous and unique. It's the little details that glorify your and your betrothed's personality that make an impact. Custom shoes help you show off what you love about yourselves and each other.

2. Theme Is Everything

It's true. The theme is supreme. If your shoes don't match your theme (and your dress!) it might not be the end of the world, but you are likely to regret it 10 years down the road when you're looking at your wedding photos and your shoes didn't fit in with the decor. When you custom order your shoes, you can fine tune what you get so it fits perfectly with your theme as well as your dress.

3. Your Wedding Colours Rock and So Should Your Shoes

Let's be real, the white wedding dresses may be gorgeous, but even grooms love picking wedding colours. Why be restricted to wearing black and white for your vows when you can add more fun splashes of colour? Be bold and fun and add some colour to your wedding shoes.

4. Coordinate Your Wedding Party Perfectly

One often overlooked detail of weddings is shoes for your wedding party. Mismatched shoes look jarring in your otherwise flawless post-ceremony pictures. If you want everyone's styles to harmonize, customize your wedding party's shoes. Choose one colour and style for all the women and another for all the men, or get creative and have each person wearing different shoes in the same colour or the same shoes in alternating colours. The sky is the limit when you customize, and your thoughtfulness and attention to detail will shine through on your wedding day.

5. Nobody Wants Blisters on the Dance Floor

As someone once said, "Shoes are like friends, they can support you or take you down." You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for style on your wedding day. You may have lucked out and found a stunning pair of shoes, but they probably aren't very comfortable. Many formal/evening-wear shoes aren't. If you custom order from a brand like Burju, known for crafting comfortable dance shoes, you won't be distracted by pain or tempted to go barefoot. Your first dance together as a married couple can be everything you imagined.

6. You've Dreamt of the Perfect Shoe on Your Perfect Day Since Forever

If you've had an image in your mind of the perfect pair of shoes, you will want that shoe and nothing less. Searching for off-the-rack shoes soon turns to frustration and disappointment. Smart fashionistas save time and minimize stress by custom ordering their wedding shoes in order to get exactly what they want. Planning a wedding is intensive. If you already know exactly what you want, you shouldn't have to spend your valuable time searching everywhere for it. Customize it yourself!

Things to Consider

You will want to consider a few things before ordering your customized shoes. You will need to plan ahead and order the shoes at least a month and a half, but preferably 2-3 months, before your wedding. Custom shoes usually take three or four weeks to produce, but they may take as much as five weeks.

You can return regular customized orders (where the customizations are offered on the product page) if needed, but you will have to wait again if you need to re-order. More specialized orders cannot be returned. Check our sizing page and measure your feet accurately before ordering to make sure you get what you need the first time around.

Some styles don't work in all materials. Burju shoes are crafted to be both durable and comfortable, as well as stylish. The material's we can use make up a big part of our quality commitment. Make sure to ask if you are making special requests that alter the material for a specific style.

Custom Options for Your Wedding Party at Burju

Your Burju shoes can be customized by heel, colour, and material. There are 56 different colour and material options, including dyed or patterned satins, sparkles, textured metallics, coloured patent leathers, and metallic leathers. Heel options range from 2.5 inches to 4 inches and include slim, flared and stiletto styles. Men's shoes include three styles of dance shoes and loafers.


It takes months of planning and decisions to create your ideal wedding day. Custom ordering your shoes will help you spend time focusing on other important details while getting the perfect look for the first day of the rest of your lives together. When you order from a company like Burju Shoes, where we focus on style and comfort for dancers, you know you are getting a quality product. You won't have to worry about pain or blisters as you turn it out on the dance floor. Your customized shoes will help you and your loved ones shine. Check out our styles and options today to find the perfect shoes for your special day.

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