5 Things to Know Before Picking Shoes for Formal

5 Things to Know Before Picking Shoes for Formal

5 Things to Know Before Picking Shoes for Formal

The high-school Formal is a high point in every girl's young life and an evening when she wants to look her very best. Teenagers are very excited about Formal and most girls begin planning their attire, hair, and make-up well in advance. For every girl who wishes to shine in the spotlight, Formal shoes are a "make it or break it" situation.

The perfect pair can make you look like you're waltzing around the dance floor while the wrong shoes can ruin your look. In all the excitement about Formal, girls often tend to pick up a pair and later realize that the shoes aren’t comfortable or do not match their Formal dress. To avoid such disappointments and save you time and money, here are five things you should keep in mind before buying Formal shoes.

1. Dress Before Shoes

Unless a pair of shoes randomly catches your eye and you feel you must absolutely have it, always get your Formal dress before you buy shoes. It is ill-advised to do so the other way round. It is much easier to match the colour of your shoes, type of footwear, heel height, and shoe fabric to your dress than vice versa.

2. Colour of the Shoes

The colour of your Formal shoes is crucial. You need to find a colour that complements your dress, not one that draws attention away from it. Matching the colour of your Formal shoes with your Formal dress is very important. So before you head out shopping for shoes, make sure you have the dress colour or a swatch with you to find matching or contrasting colours.

If you are looking for shoes that are the same colour as your dress, pick up a pair that is the exact same shade. This is very important in the case of colours like red or blue. Ending up with shoes that are crimson while your dress is maroon is not going to be pleasant.

You can also pick up a pair that is a tone darker or is of another colour entirely. For example, black and white shoes can complement almost any colour. These are safe options and you can find a lot of variety when it comes to fabrics, closure, and embellishments. Red shoes go well with dresses that are black or golden.

Alternatively, golden shoes look pretty if your dress is red, black, dark green, maroon, or dark blue. White shoes go well with lighter colours such as purple, lilac, mauve, pink, lemon yellow, or sky blue. However, these colours are more appropriate for day events rather than an evening dance. Formal is full of glitz and glamour, so choose colours that are suitable for the evening. Do not pair a multi-coloured dress with multi-coloured shoes.

3. Shoe Type

It is important to know what kind of shoe you are looking for before you buy a pair. Teenage girls spend hours looking at celebrity pictures for ideas. But it is important to remember that what looks good on an actor or on your friend's feet might not necessarily suit you. When choosing a specific shoe type, the options are endless.

You can opt for strappy sandals, pumps, kitten heels, ballet flats, stilettos, peep toes, platforms, and many more. If you are of a petite stature, delicate sandals or peep toe shoes will look good whereas tall girls can choose pumps and platforms. You need to choose footwear that does not look too heavy or clumsy and does not take attention away from your dress. If you find it difficult to manage pumps or slingbacks, invest in a pair of sandals that have buckles for closure so you don't fear turning into Cinderella and losing your shoe.

4. Heel Height

Most girls are crazy about high heels, but walking and dancing in them is no cakewalk. Heels make your dress and posture look great; but at the Formal, you will be spending most of the evening standing, walking or dancing. So shoes that don't hurt or make you uncomfortable must be a priority. Don't pick up a pair of stilettos if you are not in the habit of wearing heels.

Buying dance shoes instead of the regular stylish heels is also a great option if you plan to dance all evening. Dance shoes have flexible soles that will prevent sore feet and firm closure that ensures your shoes don't accidentally come off. Opting for two and two-and-a-half inches is a comfortable heel height for walking as well as dancing. Anything more than three-and-a-half inches might get painful after a while. If you are not used to walking around in high heels, pick platform or block heels over pencil heels. You can also ditch the heels and wear ballet flats altogether. Always put comfort before looks.

5. Budget

There is no limit to how much you can splurge on a pair of formal shoes. Shoe stores have a great variety and shoes for varying budgets are available. It is your choice whether you wish to spend $50 or $150 on a pair. But before you go shoe shopping, think of how often you will be wearing your Formal shoes once the event is over.

Teenagers outgrow their clothes and shoes quickly. It is worth investing in an expensive pair only if you think you will be using it multiple times. If you go at the right time, you can avail all the great offers that shoe stores have during sales or just before the Formal season. Buying Formal shoes requires a bit of planning. The pair you buy must be of good quality, not over-priced and, most importantly, comfortable.

If you require a specific colour or style of shoes which is not to be found in stores, for the Formal or other events like weddings, custom-made shoes are the perfect solution for you. Ordering the type of shoes you want online, matched to your requirements can help you save a lot of time, money and energy.

Paired with the perfect Formal dress, shoes are the cherry on the cake. The right pair will make your feet look pretty and give you a regal look.

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