5 Reasons You Need Dance Shoes

5 Reasons You Need Dance Shoes

5 Reasons You Need Dance Shoes

Ladies and gentlemen, give this a chance even if you aren't a dancer. In fact, if you aren't, this info is even more important for you. Yes, you.

To save time, we'll skip the banter and get straight to the insider secrets you're here for. Here are the five reasons to consider checking out dance shoes, no matter who you are. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the five best reasons to buy dance shoes—whether you're a dancer or not.

#1 Dance Shoes Aren't Just For Dancers

You can embrace the comfort factor of dance shoes to pull them off in everyday life. Non-dancers may not be familiar with the benefits of a high-quality dance shoe, but truly, this is a concept any woman or high-heel wearing individual can embrace. Dancewear can make a daring yet logical addition to any fabulous wardrobe.

Consider, for instance, how many purposes even the simple leotard, known in fashion as the bodysuit, can serve. Ladieswear these constantly for dance, but also as layering items, for statement fashion, or simply because onesie designs can often resemble sexy lingerie.

The same concept applies to shoes. Dance shoes, in particular, are measured and designed precisely to provide far more foot support. And with the many styles around, there's a pair for every occasion.

If you need a reminder of why a well-fitted dance shoe is critical, or you simply want a refresher of how dance shoes differ from ordinary shoes, read on. We have a very special message for you.

#2 Dance Shoes Support The Feet and Make Movement Easier

Any experienced dancer will tell you proper dance shoes are critical. Regardless of dance style, dance shoes will have different measurements and sizing. This is because they are custom shoes tailored to the foot. As children, we can get away with fairly general flats in ballet class. But as we age, human bones set, including in feet. Dancers, particularly those who study classical art forms such as ballet, can immediately feel the difference between a "generic" shoe and a shoe custom-tailored to their foot.

Footwear isn't so important because dancers are divas. Heck, some are, but this isn't exactly a "Princess and the Pea" situation. We all know what an improperly fit shoe feels like. Think about the last time you tried on shoes that didn't fit. It was uncomfortable, right?

Did you feel like skipping down the lane in those uncomfortable shoes?

If that's too much, could you pass a field sobriety test in them—as in, walking heel-to-toe in a straight line, just like on TV? Even in daylight, that would be tough, wouldn't it?

Well, dancing would be even harder. Even a highly skilled dancer would struggle with their footwork, leaps, and turns with inappropriate or poorly sized shoes. This is why dancers require customised footwear beyond a certain age or skill level. Certain advanced styles—such as en pointe ballet—can't even be performed unless the dancer's footwear is adequately supportive of his or her feet.

#3 Daily Fashion: Dance Shoes Come In More Styles Than You Think

You can embrace the comfort factor of dance shoes to pull them off in everyday life. Non-dancers may initially have ideas about what a high-quality dance shoe "looks like." If you're picturing pink slippers or tap shoes, those are indeed types of dance shoes. But there are many more styles out there. Dance shoes offer both enhanced comfort and style, concepts any women (and other fashionistas) are wise to embrace. Dancewear can make a wonderful, daring, yet logical addition to any wardrobe.

Ditch the pink slipper image in your head when you think of "dance shoe." Now consider that a dance shoe can be suede, leather (patent or matte), and every other material you can think of. High-heeled dance shoes feel like a completely different experience than store-brand heels. If you're one of the many people who has suffered, struggled, or even cried and cursed your cute-yet-impossibly-painful heels, you'll love dance heels. With the rise of hip-hop dancing's popularity, thank you Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, the world of dance heels has exploded.

You can find virtually any type of shoe. Look around in stores and online. Bold colours, designs, and materials are the new dance shoe normal.

#4 The Perfect Dance Shoe Can Be Revolutionary. For Anyone.

Dancing isn't the only activity enhanced by the perfect shoe. Almost all of daily life is. Even if you aren't a dancer, your job and daily life are likely easier when you have proper foot support. Increased comfort and relief from back pain caused by improperly fitting shoes will allow you to live your life to the fullest, enjoying your hobbies and activities for longer periods of time. Switching to dance shoes also has the ability to do more than make life easier; it can literally save your life. Read Mary's story to learn more about the transformative nature of dance, with the help of a great pair of shoes.

How One Disabled Dancer Fashionably Hacked Physical Limitations With Dance Shoes

In 2012, a dancer named Mary began developing a rare, severe form scoliosis. Following diagnosis at age 12, she committed to dancing daily to preserve her mobility. No matter what. On painful days, she would simply stretch. Sometimes that meant "dancing" while laying in bed.

Mary stayed committed and still practice daily, over 15 years later, as dancing became increasingly difficult. But she didn't stop—even after she shrank several inches from spinal degeneration. Even while living with daily, constant pain. She fought the disease stripping her mobility away with dance. Daily shoulder work, strengthening, hip opening, and abdominal/leg conditioning work didn't cure her, but it did help her manage pain and stay out of a wheelchair.

Mary's spine put her on a cane by age 19. By then, her left lung was crushed beneath her spine, which had begun to rotate toward her heart. Mary's surgeon informed her family that without a substantial fusion with a year-long recovery, the spine would eventually crush her left lung, then heart. The doctor continued to share her prognosis without this intervention: permanently disabled by 30 with a life expectancy of 35.

Spinal fusion is an extensive surgery, a difficult choice for a dancer who valued her flexibility. She wondered if she'd even be able to dance, but agreed with the doctor. While such surgeries usually address a few vertebrae, Mary required a 14-vertebrae fusion with rods placed on both sides. Such complex surgery is extremely expensive. The years clicked by, and her pain got worse.

Dancing became her "cheap physical therapy." She credits her dance shoes for helping her survive some of the worst years of her disability. In her plain black dance heels, she could pull off her own clothing and professional dress. The shoes helped her move, recover, and look good for her next job interview.

#5 Be Whoever You Want to Be Comfortably

Exploring the comfortable, well-measured dance shoe options is a great way to experience how they compare to "normal" shoes. You can measure your feet to perform a fitting at home, online, for free. Fittings should be free, and at-home measurements are convenient. Getting your size correct is crucial to loving your pain-free, tasteful dance shoes of any style.

With all of today's options, you can dress or accent yourself however you like. Whether you move from dance class to the street, wear them to work, or hang on to them for bad pain days, dance shoes can make life easier. You can select and style your shoes to fit your unique tastes. 

Remember: The shoes you find may surprise you, but they will absolutely support you. Your perfect dance shoes may be flashy, demure, simple, or wild. Express yourself. Be you and be comfortable.

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