5 Reasons High Heeled Shoes Make You Look More Glamorous

5 Reasons High Heeled Shoes Make You Look More Glamorous

5 Reasons High Heeled Shoes Make You Look More Glamorous

We define glamor as an exciting or attractive quality making certain people seem appealing. We have also described it as magic or something enchanting. You know when you see it, and you want to feel that way every day—the good news is, you can.

Have you ever noticed those women who seem to have glamor oozing out of their pores? Somehow, she makes a pair of jeans-and-t-shirt look like she just stepped off the runway and is walking casually on the streets of Milan, but she's at the grocery store buying milk. Her secret is not really a secret at all—she's wearing heels.

There's a reason people say “it's all about the shoes” because, well, it is all about the shoes. They are literally the foundation of any outfit and how you feel about what you're wearing. When you feel good, you hold yourself differently, more confidently, you feel sexier and look like you have that something extra that makes people want to look at you.

The Magic of Heels

There have been scientific studies about heels and attractiveness—both men and women rated females who were walking in heels significantly more attractive than those in flats. There's an evolutionary science to it. Heels align a woman's body, so she walks with an even more feminine gait—her hips sway more, her strides are shorter, she takes more steps, and her pelvis will rotate more than in flats. So, we know they make your walk sexier, but what about this glamor factor?

They are Your Everyday Fancy Factor

The air changes in a room when a woman walks in with jeans, a tank, blazer, and heels. It's like she knew all eyes would be on her, so she consulted her personal stylist before running errands. You can look this effortlessly stylish, and you'll be surprised how easy it can be.

Here's a test—put on your “go-to” everyday outfit—the one you wear to the grocery store or to run to your best friend's house for a glass of wine while you gossip. Now put on your favorite pair of flats. Rate your glamor factor. If it's your comfy outfit and you're putting on flats, there's probably very little glamor involved. Now, throw on some heels. A—mazing.

Heels give the impression of being so casually put together you couldn't miss at a fashion target if you tried. Keep your heels subtle for more casual outfits and they will add height and glam to your gas pumping outfit but won't scream “Look at me! I put on heels!” We're 100% in love with nude heels, blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black hoodie or sweater. Seriously ridiculous runway stuff.

They Knock Out Your Formal Wear

You know how you feel in a beautiful dress and heels. If you had to take one of them off, which would you feel more glamorous in—just the dress or just the heels? Exactly. Whether your elegant wear is short, long, or somewhere in between, you can only make it more dazzling with a great pair of heels—people just don't say that about flats.

Pick your shoes wisely—they can distract from you—and you should always be the focus of anything you wear. Whatever formal level dress you're wearing, pick a complimentary shoe, and keeps you feeling beautiful and the center of attention. Sparkly heels, strappy, matte or patent leather can all add to the old Hollywood glam or sparkle of a new trend by bringing it all together and tying it up in an exciting bow.

Stilettos Slay an Average Day

You can. Of course, you can—there are no rules holding you back. Stilettos are more wearable than you think. You can slip them on with jeans, shorts or mini skirts, cropped pants or rolled up overalls. There's something about that burst of high heeled fashion anchoring you to the ground screaming to people that if they're looking for a boring time, they should just keep looking.

Stilettos are great because they're streamlined and not clunky. If you want a pop of color, you can throw on some neon stilettos and not feel you have color blocks on. They'll only up the excitement of you and what you're wearing. Clothing and heels should reflect you and how you feel about yourself. If you want to indulge, throw on a pair of heels, and remind yourself you deserve to feel as good as you do.

They Spruce Up the Boring

If you look at your closet day in and day out, wondering how you will make an outfit you love out of the same clothes you've been looking at for years, look to your heels first. There's nothing that makes an old outfit feel new more than a great pair of heels. If you have a lot of neutral colors in your closet, add a pop by investing in a pair of heels in a color that will perk up what you're working with.

If you have a lot of bright colors, pick up a pair of nude or black heels to anchor those colors and turn your Tuesday into a runway. If you like to wear simple dresses, instead of throwing on the same pink scarf you've been using as an outfit, pick me up, get yourself a pair of pink heels. Talk about fun and glam and sexy all in one place—and you just bought that place.

You Become the “It Girl”

There's nothing wrong with strutting your stuff, especially in heels. People so often overlook or forget what heels can do for an outfit, you'll become a maverick of glam by rocking heels when its least expected. You'll feel eyes on you because people are intrigued by what they don't expect, and heels can be that secret weapon.

You may not feel chic at Sunday morning brunch after a long Saturday night out, but you can look it by slipping into a pair of comfortable heels—there are comfortable heels out there, with your hoodie and sweats. Wednesdays at the office never felt as good as when you walked in rocking heels with your cropped khakis. You go, glam girl!

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